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P's are gone.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by aaahhh, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. =D>No more P plate, paid the $23 and now am fully licenced. It felt like taking an anvil off the back of the bike. Feels great. Now off to test ride the Street Triple. tis a beautiful day

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  2. Congrats...enjoy the ride...
  3. Don't drop it now :grin: .. congrats!
  4. nice 1.
    also dropped the P's myself up in QLD.
    am also eying off the Street Triple....
  5. How was the test ride?
  6. I bought it Friday, rode her home Saturday. Incredible, love it.
  7. Love the triples mate. Jut picked up an 08 Daytona, she is the business!

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  8. God, it must feel good ridding yourself of that stupid 'retard' plate!
  9. Do you get any notification from the RTA to say that your Ps are up? What record do they have that you passed exactly 1 year ago, as there is nothing on my licence (or myRTA on the website) saying when it was converted from Ls to Ps.

    The only date on it is the card expiry, which is coming up in a few months, but I’ve only had the Ps for around 3 months, so logically will have to wait another 9. I was just wishfully thinking that when I renewed the licence the P restriction would miraculously disappear.
  10. The date you passed the MOST. 12 months frOm that date. Ring them and ask for that date
  11. My P1 restriction magically fell off my licence last week, good to know I don't have any sort of driving/riding tests ahead and no restrictions on what I can drive or ride!

    I have hornet's Hornet waiting for a paint job then I am free to explore on my first non-LAMS bike!

    Very jealous about the Street Triple...
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