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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Bravus, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Splitting on the commute home, and a Maxi Taxi was (a) too big and (b) too close to the centre line so I couldn't split past him. Stopped, and the hatch beside me kept edging up to try to be absolutely certain that when the lights changed I couldn't drop in in front of him. No skin off my nose - nice gap opened up the other side anyway - but he was very obvious about it.

    Couple of sets of lights later, with the vagaries of the traffic, I was behind the same guy, and went to split by. He moved to close the gap but I got around anyway.

    Didn't flip him the single digit or anything, just gave him a big wave bye-bye and split to the front, then took off quick when the lights changed.

    Obviously he already had an attitude, and the wave probably further infuriated him, but it felt good at the time...

  2. I'm a fan of the friendly wave, wink or enthusiastic thumbs up, though I usually blow a kiss.
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  3. Good stuff Bravus,a hand to the helmut does the job indicating a mental illness if they respond you ignore their reaction,and be careful of taxis they are worse than L platers and no offence to learners you have a legit reason.
  4. This.

    A kiss usually sets them right off :)
  5. or turns then right on, depending on the driver's preference...................lol
  6. Or tuns then right on, depending on the drivers prefernce.........lol
  7. I love it when you get a tool trying to edge you out, and then you get past them, and some lovely cager moves to the side to let you through.. so not only do they realise that I have still managed to get past, but that other drivers aren't as douchey as them.

    I always tend to remember too late when I'm smiling at someone or looking at them, that they can't see my expressions past my tinted visor... ](*,)
  8. I like to stop just infront of their car, hold my arm up to check my 'fake' watch, noticibly give myself the thumbs up then continue on my way. It infuriates people that I am on time and they are not :p
  9. open one of his rear doors on the way past next time....
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  10. Hahaha - how have I never thought to do this in the past!
  11. Did that to a friend as she was driving, she knew I was gonna gonna do it, but for some reason didn't click that's what I was doing (took 2 tries). She just stopped on the road in shock that I would do something like that. (I do shit like that all the time :p) Was an empty road so was "safe", dont worry fun police :p
  12. I save the kiss for the really special ones. A certain driver on my commute just loves it.
  13. Passive aggressive world champion. :beer:
  14. I give them a clenched fist in the air.

    Usually they gather I'm pretty unimpressed, and not the slightest bit intimidated.

    The 'actual' message is, do it again and I'm going to smack you one in the gob!

    Their actions are threatening and sincerely retarded.
  15. I'm with the blowing a kiss option.

    That said, the idea of opening their back door made me laugh :)
  16. I wave as if they are a long lost friend!
  17. Haha yeah agreed.

    I personally quite enjoy my tactic. Basically when they do that, I slow down and stop behind them as if to say "Darn! You got me!". I wait there for a second, then I go around the other side and give them a thumbs up on the way past.

    I have had people step out of their car to yell things at me they get so mad haha.

    It's basically motorcycle trolling.
  18. Had some guy try to block me filtering this morning, so I ducked around the other side, briefly took to the emergency lane, then ducked back in again. First time I've ever done that, and I felt somewhat smug LOL. Called him an arsehat on the way past - he wouldn't have heard me, but it made me feel better.
  19. hoon!... :p :p :p :p :p :p
  20. There is a guy in Melbourne who blocks me every day up royal parade, he drives really close to the medium strip (in the middle part of the road,near the tram tracks) there is almost room for 2 cars on that road lol..

    Normally i just laugh to myself wait for an opening.

    However thumbs up to the person on the big Duke last Tuesday. rolled around him then moved into the left hand side and slowly rolled backwards the guy had to move over and made room for about 5 bikes to filter past..