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Provisional test in NSW

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by nooneuknow, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. Hey guys,
    well, went for my Ps today and totally freaked out on the MOST. Nerves got the better of me - struggled w/ the cones and U-turn, altho was OK doing it in practise.
    Just wondering bout your thoughts - I so need to take myself and my zzr out to practise these things, but do u think its easier on different bikes?
    A friend told me the CB250s are much easier to do this on...??
    Whats the opinion? I think I should be able to do it on any bike so no excuses, but just wondering what everyone thinks.
    I mean, the braking, accelerating, cornering is ok, just the tight turns i seem to have issues with - like the cone weave and U-ie.
    Thoughts please :)

  2. heya... did i have KFC with you today? :LOL:
  3. Been wondering the same.... the u-turn box is 6 metes, and the turning circle of our bike is 5.8 meters. I know there's counter-balancing etc to take into consideration, but for us learners, I think a different bike would be better for doing our P's on. I'm considering doing mine on my daughters XT225, which will be a piece of cake. So did you pass or not??
  4. yeah. definitely go the cb. only one guy on my course who failed on one and he pretty much resigned himself to failure the moment he got there. i reckon it'd be worth the money to hire it now. it'll save you going back again and again on the zzr. having said that, im sure if you practise practise practise you could pass on the zzr. it's just much easier and less stressful on the cb.
  5. well zzr's aren't that bad on the ol turning circle, I rode my mates one and could do it alot easier than my fzr. But for my test I used the CB250, definitely a peice of piss to do the test with it.
  6. btw, i passed my P's today :D
  7. Whoohooo, way to go, Josh!!!!
    Congrats, matey!
  8. Congrat's Josh hopefully I'll get to meet you finally on one of these coffee nights and check out those shiny new plates
  9. Well done josh! :LOL:
    nooneuknow, the CB's are much easier to handle at the speeds required for your P's. A guy in my group had a zzr and ended up going back on a Honda CB, he passed.
  10. I attempted the MOST test yesterday on my zzr250, and stuffed up in the slalom/u-turn part :evil: . I couldnt believe it because I have been practising a fair bit, but those cones just looked alot closer on the day - test nerves I guess. I was pissed off at first, felt like 40 bucks down the drain, but now I do a Pre Provisional Licence course for free before I can test again - that can only be a good thing i guess :) .
  11. Congrats. Did you do the test on the vtr?

    Was it ok for the test?
  12. i did and it was excellent for each component. :thumbup:
  13. Welcome to Netrider :)
    Any training is good, especially if it comes from only $40.
  14. Welcome to Netrider :)
    Any training is good, especially if it comes from only $40.
  15. Thanks Mouth :)
    Im quite looking forward to it, and to passing the test next time :D
  16. The key to passing the course on the ZZR250 is lots of revs, back brake and friction point. You can use this technique for the cone weaves, and the same for the U turn.

    Instead, for the U turn I opted for speed and lean. I found that around 18-20km/h you could lean enough to drag your boots and make it around the U-turn. Anyless than 15km/h, with the same lean angle, it'll want to drop. I used to reduce the throttle 3/4 into the turn due to the right wrist/arm position, and that was enough to make the bike unstable, so I had to make a conscious effort to add throttle around the turn.

    It took me a while to get it, but practice practice practice. And remember to snap head and eyes right when you do the turn and lean out and push the bike in. I've done it a few times where I've put her into a full lock, leaned out and pushed the bike over and it easily cleared the turn with about 1m to spare (mind you, they were flukes lol).

    Finally, a little bit of aggression helps :)
  17. It's called "body english"
    Leaning the body instead of the bike. Trials riders do it all the time!