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Provisional P2 Legal bike

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by bebo3, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    I am wondering if a 2005/2006 Kawasaki ninja 636 or even a CBR 600RR is legal for P2 licence holder, I am unable to find the power to weight ratio of these bikes or how to calculate them. I know I am restricted to 660cc and 150kw/tonne but not sure if these bikes will be under.

  2. Sorry mate, but no.

    These bikes are remotely desirable and therefore will kill you if you even so much as sit on one.

    You're allowed anything on this list or anything thats a 250 as long as it isn't a hot two stroke.
  3. Unless it's on that list Jirf88 posted, you cannot ride it legally. Even if it makes under the 150kW/1t it doesn't matter if it's not on the approved list.
  4. Not necessarily Toadcat, as long as the rego paper say Cond: LAMS then it's fine. There have been some cracks in the system like that. It shouldnt happen, but it does.
  5. Isn't that for only a few select ones that have been just clerical errors on the RTA's part?
  6. As long as you have proof, (manufacturers weight specs) and a dyno graph (though i think they prefer to take manufacturers specs, even though they can be blazingly inaccurate in order to increase their hp/appeal)i suppose you could always apply for an exception or to have it reviewed/added to the list. If it makes it to the list is another question entirely.