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TAS Provisional P1, full car license query

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by bj_dove, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    First time poster here, so take it easy!

    I'm on my P1 down here in tas, but I also have my full car license and am 25 years old.

    I was reading here: http://www.ozmotorcyclegear.com.au/getting-a-tasmanian-provisional-motorcycle-licence.html

    That I should only have no pillion and LAMS bike restriction, yet I also have 80km/h MAX, no BAC and display P-plate.

    Do I get any benefits currently for being on my full car license? I've sat on 80km/h for a year already, and on a bike, NOT GOOD! Someone will surely knock me off before the year is up.

    Is that website correct? Or am I doomed to a year of danger on our highways?

    Cheers, Bart.
  2. in NSW if you have full cage drivers license, and 25years old, you are still on p1's for 12months, before going unrestricted.

    in Tassie i dunno

    go to the RTA website?
  3. The TAS Transport website is far from useful! Spent many hours trying to find the answer
  4. Their website is shocking. Give them a call. You will probably have your answer in minutes/seconds. :)
  5. Also done, they weren't sure either! Also asked at local police station.
  6. That's ridiculous. How on earth do they enforce the law over there if they don't even know it?
  7. The site you linked to makes sense to me:
    Since you say you have a full car licence then your only restrictions would be in not carrying a pillion and the size of the bike you can ride for 12 months. The other restrictions only seem to apply if you don't have a car licence, or are still on a provisional car licence.
  8. Where did you find that info? I couldn't see it. :(
  9. See the link in the original post.
  10. And I think this is still the case, yet I can't find anyone at service TAS or Police to actually say it, they just enter with caution I guess with license queries.....
  11. It's the same in Qld. Regardless of age you are restricted to 250/LAMS for 12 months and are not allowed to carry a pillion for 12 mths either. I was lucky and got my open license immediately after completing the Q Ride course as I had an open car license and am old! I was still restricted from carrying a pillion for 12 mths but at least I was able to buy a 750 (then the law changed).
  12. Been over all that also, the issue is that it isn't published, and they don't directly address the full car license situation. Which is odd considering that less restrictions was definitely the case in previous years.
  13. Whats on the back of your licence? Should have all the required conditions!

    I was in a similar situation a while back, and all my licence said was that i was to be on 250cc max (before we had LAMS) from memory and an expiry date so i never bothered with P plates and doing 80, mainly because I was on a 650 I shouldnt have been riding, but also my licence never said anything else, thats what police will go off if you get pulled over anyway.