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NSW Provisional License

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jslim1008, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. Hello netriders! A quick question,
    If I sell my bike while I'm on my Ps, is my license still valid?
    In other words, if I hold Provisional licence without any registered bike under my name, will I still be able to upgrade to fulls once the time is up?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Yes
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  3. Wouldn't you rather have the kms under your belt when you hit your full licence?
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  4. You can get your licence and just not ride for the full term.. there is no requirement to show you are actually riding.

    Going from nothing to a unrestricted bike with little to no kms under your belt for an extended period of time may not be the smartest move though as you'd be essentially learning to ride on something outside your skill set.

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  5. agree with the sentiments above, that is, if you are planning to not ride again until you can get a fully sick R1 and not wear P-plates I think that would be a mistake. whatever you decide, good luck!
  6. Give him a break. He may well have just spent 18 months on his Ps. The whole L and P thing is bullshit imho anyway
  7. You can go from getting your P's and never riding during the provisional period, to a high powered litre+ bike once you get the unrestricted licence without any problem at all.

    The key, is how you choose to ride the big bike.
    I always laugh when people say words to the effect, "I don't want to go from a 250cc to a litre bike, I will get a 600cc first"

    Regardless of what bike you ride, it will only go as fast as your right hand instructs to.....
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  8. no-one is breaking his balls. he came here asking for advice and he's getting it. :)

    I'm not sure that I agree that the 'whole' L and P thing is bs but three years is definitely too much. the stats of new riders having accidents is pretty high so it would be remiss of us not to mention some need for caution but ultimately we are all free to choose.
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  9. Agree with you on all except one point: the three years being too much. Given the number of people who are essentially fair weather riders (no disrespect intended), three years in my view is an appropriate length of time. I think someone who rides 1 year and does 18000km in all weather conditions and varied traffic conditions is likely to be more experienced than someone who rides 8000km in three years during fair weather. Experience is what will save your arse when your 200HP bike does something unexpected.

    The hole in this argument is the type of km, of course. Track days would teach you about handling the bike at its limits, though if we're talking about riding safely on public roads, the applicability of the experience is limited somewhat... I think. Haven't done one yet (on a bike at least) and am happy to be corrected :)
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  10. Thanks

    lol guys. I got 2 speeding tickets, so 6 month suspension on P1. lmao
    I'm thinking of just riding on tracks with a non LAMS bike,with a Recreational License from MA ARDC.
    Opinions? (I will trailer the bike of course)
  11. Hmm very true. I'm doing California Superbike School before my licence is gone.

    Yessssss Fully sick S1000RR
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