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Provisional license test

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by junny22, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. hey people,
    im booked in to take my provisional license test next week (NSW) and everyone keeps tellin me to hire one of the bikes from the testing place (i ride a cbr250rr) because to do the witches hat test on my bike would be too difficult, unless u were an expert at counter leaning while slow-riding, which i aint.
    just wanted to know if anyone out there who's done the test on a cbr had any difficulties or if anyone had some tips in general.
    thanks all

  2. the semi-cruiser style test bikes are a lot easier to swing around at lower speeds, personally i'd use one of them.
  3. I haven't done the P's test on a CBR, but I've seen it done and passed on one.

    Hiring a CB might make it easier, but you've got to remember that it'll be a bike you're not used to. You've got to weigh up the pros and cons of doing it on the CBR which might be a bit tricky on the slow riding stuff, and doing it on a CB, which is a bike (I'm assuming) you've only ridden whe you did your L's test.

    The only reason I can think that it might be a bit more difficult on a CBR is the high revving factor and holding it to a low speed. Anyone with more brains clarify this??? I'm pretty sure that the Kwaka 250's (ZXR,ZZR,GPX) are the hardest to do the test on because they have longer wheel bases, but again I could be wrong...

    You can actually download a complete run down of the P's test from the RTA website. It has all the dimensions of the cone weave, u-turn etc. Maybe it's a good idea to download this, then set up your own little course in a quiet car park and have a bit of a practice yourself to see whether you're competent enough.

    Remember, as flawed as our licencing system is, the few little test they make you do are all very important riding skillz. If you have trouble doing any of the stuff then maybe, just maybe you're not quite ready to do the test... But then again alot of it is about confidence and practice, get out and do a little practice with no one around and you'll be surpirsed how quickly you can master the art...
  4. I did a Pre P course with stay upright that went through alot of the principles of the test, as well as other things. After doing this, I got through the cones on the zzr quite easily. It might pay to look into somthing like this. I got to do the course for free (although I had no choice but to do it) because I failed the P test the first time. This was in the ACT though.
  5. Another advantage of using their bike instead of your own is that you don't really have to worry about dropping it during the low speed stuff.
  6. counter steer son !! counter steer i say .... you can pass it on your own bike and spend the money you saved on the celebratory drinks ....good luck :wink: