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Provisional license test in Sydney not available?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Ckramer, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. I've been trying to book the P test for last 7 days.
    The online booking system at rta.nsw.gov.au always say "No available timeslots within 60 days of date". Regardless which date you input. In any of Sydney metro training centres.

    So I went to RTA thinking that it can't be right and their booking system don't work. But they used same website and got same "not available" result.
    They could only suggest keep trying to book every day. Which I do.

    Anyone been able to book the P test in Sydney lately?
    Maybe March-April hottest months for the test?

    Or I should forget about it and try to book in another city?
  2. Yeah, that's the same reason why I booked my Ps in Tuggerah last October... the wait for Sydney is just too long.

    Good luck :)
  3. Yeah, I was looking at Turregah, but it's only available in mid-April and at 8 AM !
    So you have to get up at 5 AM and ride there at 6 AM! That's crazy.
    I can't get it to offer me Turregah in afternoon. seems like this location only work at 8AM ?
  4. I booked mine in two weeks ago for March 20 @ clyde!
  5. Are you a 'mature age rider'?? I had the same issue as I wanted to book straight after doing my L's - I rang the RTA and they said it wouldn't come up as I was a mature age rider and I had to book over the phone.

    They said availability is generally much better that L's test as it's only a day course I think.

  6. the system has been like that for a while,

    when I booked my Pre-L I couldn't get into the loftus centre until at all and I checked up till 2025.

    I booked it at ununderrra and checked for cancellations, I ended up getting into loftus within 60days of my initial booking.

    I think they don't update it often and its hit & miss trying to get booking anywhere. over the phone may be a better way to go, but most use the same online system

  7. thats because the course runs all day so it only starts at 8am
  8. You can put future dates in the web site, sometimes they will have slots available. Depends on the location though.
  9. The "available times" table has two rows: Morning and Afternoon. With available times only in "Morning" though.
  10. ummm i don't think it should it's a full 8 hour day, as you have to do the course and then the test, and it's done all in one day opposed to the L's course which is run in 2 4 hour days
  11. When I booked for p's last december, I had to ring up for booking as I am classed as mature age rider, and could book next day if I wanted at the time. You might find it is a longer wait now because last july i think it was, is when they changed the length of the learners permit to 12 months. It is getting to be about the time when those people that have not done p's yet , will have to do test before there licence runs out , hence the longer booking period. Also I found that if you don't enter a date , it will give you the next available dates, instead of you picking a particular date.
  12. Same thing happened to me mate... don't worry there are slots available in the next 60 days... most probably the next 30. they just haven't released them into the system yet.
    they only release them every couple of weeks.

    keep checking every day and they will appear.
  13. I did both my pre-L's and pre-P's at Tuggerah because I absolutely loved it there. Having a ride along the Old Road at 7 o'clock while there is hardly any traffic around isn't something one should complain about - but rather look forward to :)

    P.S. Stoner did his course at Tuggerah :p
  14. it's frustrating as all hell but just keep checking the website... i had been trying for weeks then came across a spot at st ives for two days later... i guess some people cancel their bookings from time to time... good luck
  15. try ringing up. they can tell you options where to go in. Clyde,City or Campbeltown etc... and they will tell you the nxt available dates
  16. did mine in wollongong.. easy to get a spot there :p only a 1.5 hour ride if you're up for it ;-) search the unanderra one.
  17. mmm, dont get me started with the phone booking system,

    2 abusive letters and they tried to make it up to me by almsot booking it in after I had done it.
  18. getting a weekend is generally harder but there are LOADS of weekdays available at clyde

    i had the same problem and went into the RTA and the guy did a search for me and found a weekend date at campbelltown in early april

    sometimes they just pop up, so persist and you'll usually be able to find one within the next 60 days