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Provisional Licence (national)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by FXR, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. Gidday,
    I have a theory about provisional drivers and have written to pollies and transport departments and automobile associations about it and received virtually no replies.
    The provisional system in all states for motorcycle licences is based on a DEMERIT system. You stuff up, you lose, simple as that.
    I would like to see a MERIT system in place where you could receive your full licence earlier if you can prove competency and knowledge.
    Say you got your provisional for 2 years and you do that time then upgrade. What have you proved, that you can ride.. :roll:
    What if you got your provisional for 2 years BUT you could reduce the time by receiving a reduction of, say 2-3 months every time you produced a certificate for
    Advanced defensive driving/riding
    Basic mechanical knowledge
    Alcohol and drugs awareness
    First aid competency
    No traffic infringements for first 12 months
    Road trauma awareness
    Logged skid pan time etc....

    Smarter people than me can invent the competencies to keep young or inexperienced drivers/riders alive on the road.
    I believe this would also remove a lot of the peer pressure that goes with hooning and showing off with young people by giving the driver/rider a reason to take care and learn properly.
    The big carrot is the ability to get your full licence before your mate by doing all the right things
    BIG incentive !!!! Instead of "here's your provisionals, stuff up and we'll take it straight off you" !!

    Sorry about the length.. :oops:
    Anybody agree.. :?: :?:
  2. if something goes forward with that i'll support it.
  3. Send this to Motorcycling Australia and all the other motorcycle pressure groups. Let them carry the ball.

    <edit> Post of the Year in my book :).
  4. I like that idea. I'll follow up on it as well.
  5. Encouraging new riders to gain skills and rewarding them can't be a bad thing. The idea has merit.

    ...... now if we could only do the same with drivers and get them aware of their environment and surrounding road users? :roll:
  6. What an excellent idea! If anyone can't see the merit in this they are fools.
  7. I reckon it's a good thing for all road users.
  8. Thanks for your replies...

    Let me know if you have any ideas on how to dangle this in front of the right people to get them to at least consider it on its merits without just dismissing it as a hairbrained idea..... :grin:
  9. I'd say this is a fine idea so long as, as you said, the provisional period takes longer than what it is now (1 year), and the reduction due to certificates and qualifications still allows for a significant growth in riding experience. We'll either have more experienced riders, or riders that have the proper skills to be safe and ride safely.

    I'll second that vote for post of the year :]
  10. Bloody brilliant idea mate!!!

    Good luck getting the spanners at the RTA to listen to you thou.

    +1 for post of the year.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Great post and also follows principles that psychs have been espousing for years! Rewarding positive behaviour appears to be far more effective than punishing poor behaviour.

    Same principle should be extended to rego or licence renewal IMO - don't speed/crash/break traffic law and you get a 20% reduction on your rego and free driver's licence renewal.
  13. I like that addition to this scheme. Makes it continue on as a valid scheme for drivers once they're off their Ps.
  14. Another vote for post of the year.

    This idea definately has merit.

    Competencies are a tricky thing but this could be achieved if it is approached right. With competency based training/recognition the first principle is that any/all training has to be competency based and accredited by an RTO (Registered Training Organisation).

    Get support from the Motorcylce Council of Australia and it might also pay to run the idea past a local motorcycle training business eg. stay upright because both would know of any initiatives that been previously submitted to government organisations or currently proposed. Also do some research to see if anything similar is in place overseas or other states.

    Good luck, if you need a hand PM me as I have a bit of experience in training, competencies and preparing reports/submissions to government organisations. I am always up for a challenge.

  15. Damn thats one fine looking post :cool:
  16. I forwarded the post on to some other VMAC members and there's certainly some support.

    I got the following response from one industry member.

    It's a good idea & especially applicable to motorcyclists GLS (graduated licencing system) given that the driver equivalent is not appropriate given the age differential at which relevant learner permits can be obtained and the instructional 120 hour element that drivers have access to.

    Further, with a GLS under review for motorcyclists, it should be innovative, user friendly, appropriate and not designed to covertly restrict entry to motorcycling, which some govt legacy systems & policies have produced.

    We're looking at a joint response to the graduated licencing system proposals and this is certainly something that we can use.
  17. Actually quite similar to the NZ licensing scheme as it was years ago when I got my car license.

    You had 6 months on your L's, which could be reduced to 3 by producing a certificate of competency from a registered driving school.

    Followed by 18 months on your restricted license which could be reduced to 9 months by producing evidence of completing an approved defensive driving course from a registered provider.
  18. good post, I would ove this for my kids! Go for it mate!

  19. I think that is one of the best ideas I have heard in a long time, especially regarding our roads.

    I wouldn't however like to see the training or certification privately owned, otherwise cost would be a big factor in what kind of license you could get.

    Hey here's an idea (in vic anyway): put our safety to levy to driver education!

    My god, it's so simple... :idea:
  20. +1 wonderful idea.

    I'm sceptical however would give you my full support - although i'll be off my provisionals by the time anything could possible change anyway :LOL: