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Proud owner of an XVS1100 Custom

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by spongesam, May 17, 2007.

  1. Picked it up Tuesday with less than 1km on the ODO.
    From the get go, it was an absolute DREAM to ride, everything about it.

    Few main points.
    Great Torque even from 5th gear at 40/50k's
    Surprisingly, extremely light and nimble for it's size. It took me a little while to adjust to the riding position, but once I did, it's just awesome. I thought 1100 would be heavy, but unless you're trying to pick it up with your bare hands, it's not.
    Paint Job - from matt black frame, to nearly the only chrome being the bars and exhaust, it just looks awesome.

    Not yet through the first tank, so I'll know the mileage then. Will post up once I get an idea.

    So far I've only put on about 150k's, but that figure is going to fly up pretty quickly over the next few weeks.
    I would recommend everyone get one, just not this colour, I want the only one :p

  2. congrats on your new purchase... should post up some pics :)
  3. for the moment, i just have my garage pic. check it out :)
  4. :eek: << I have no words. Absolutely awesome looking bike. Congratulations :cool:
  5. Man, those things are MASSIVE!

    Great bikes too - I hear they're very easy to ride, even in heavy traffic. I know riding the 650 is like sitting in an arm chair!

    Also, they can be made to sound mean. Really Mean. A mate of mine has a set of bub's mufflers on his, and it's unbelievable.
  6. Congrats - the blacked out engine looks great.

    Enjoy :cool:
  7. I'm definately looking to get a new exhaust... stock is hell quiet at idle... barely audible through my helmet... i want to be able here the slow "blub blub blub blub".

    Where can you guys recommend for custom exhausts for cruisers?
  8. Thats a pretty good looking stock exhaust, have you considered just de-baffling it?
  9. yammy reckon they can do it for $200 i think.
    i would love a straight through shotguns, maybe some heat tape to keep my legs cool, and i guess it aint so legal :(

    apart from sound obviously, does debaffling make much difference?
  10. Yes, it will make it run a bit leaner, which means either re-jetting or re-mapping depending on how your bike is fueled. This is true of most after market systems too...but not all.

  11. :applause: Exellent Bike :applause: Congrat's

    for the price of louder pipes being out of our budget
    due to the wedding loooming up Fast
    i opted to drill 8 holes on my 2007 Boulevard exhaust
    it has a Very nice note throaty and a deep rumble and certainly loud enough now
    and cost approx $2 in power and 1/2 hour of our time :grin:

    My bike has a sniffer on the exhaust and adjusts its own settings :shock:
  12. well, by payday next month, the exhaust will be in my budget.
    I'll ask around a bit :)

    so happy with the bike though :)
  13. What about getting a black exhaust?

    Then slowly, bit by bit, blacken out the rest of the chrome. You should get a unique bike and one that wouldn't need much polishing :cool:
  14. see, now a black exhaust really appeals to me...
    already been thinking about black bars... 14" hangers actually look damn fricken sweet on it, not excessively huge.

    Also as much as the mirrors on this are amazing, i can see pretty much everywhere except infront of me, i wouldn't mind something a bit different... but all in good time! :)

    the possibilities are endless
  15. Nah Sam, Hangers are....



    Go the drag bars mate, only way to go!

    Get a flat seat, a bigger, meaner looking aftermarket air filter, Bubs pipes, wrap the headers. Then either shorten the indicator stems or replace the indicators altogether. Hrmm. Gots me thinking now.

    Whatever you do, don't get any aftermarket parts fitted by a mechanic. Do it yourself. A. It's cheaper and B. If bits fall out of your bike like they have on my mate's 650 custom, it'll no longer be covered by warranty.
  16. ...not really suited to your bike.

    Drag bars look :cool:
  17. Nice bike mate, but it aint no GPX250! :LOL: :LOL:

    drag bars look freaken oarsome!
  18. but, see, apart from the colour of this pic, the bars here:


    look killer to me
  19. Sam, the thing about customising a bike is to make it yours. If you like ape hangers get 'em. :grin:

    Me I like drag bars but that is my opinion. :grin: :grin:
  20. you shouldn't like drag bars!! you should only like what i like, cos i know best!!!
    wait no,
    don't like what i like, no one else buy a xvs1100.
    i want the only 1 :LOL:
    yes, thats it... tehe