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Proud owner of a Kawasaki GPX250R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ksystemz, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. After a couple of weeks trying to find a bike like this i went into bikebiz and they had one. Evertime someone said to me there selling theres , they told me someone already brought it! it was 3k but got it $100 cheaper ! There is a few stratches on fairings and a "big dent on the tank which the guy hit" They said it would cost $400 to fix which is ok. Only thing is the blinker is stuck on with tape , they said it would cost $50 + labour if they do it , but is it hard to fix it yourself?

    anyhows here is a pic


  2. Matti, well done mate!

    Glad to see you didn't give up after the first knock, great work keep safe.

    The real Matti
  3. Crongrats matti ,happy riding.
  4. uh how do you mean its stuck on with tape?
    Ive replaced mine myself... 20 seconds - 2 miniutes and $20 for a new indicator (well from teh wreckers)

    front or back indicator?
  5. great stuff. I got rid of mine about 3 months ago. Managed to sell it for 200 bucks more than I paid for it but had spent some money on it while I had it.

    Perfect first bike which can be forgiving when it needs to be. Don't know how many times I gave it a good twist when taking off or bankin it a little. Saved my arse a few times I reckon.

    Even managed to do my P's test on it. Has a wider turning circle than something like a cb but it can be done.

    As for the indicator its hard to say without seeing which part is taped on. If its just the lense or the actual indicator/stalk itself just go to a wreckers and grab one. Piece of piss to change over. Not near worth forking out 50+ for it. Or keep an eye on ebay til one pops up.

    Fairings may need to come off to get to the back of the bolt if the whole lot needs changing but again its not real hard to pull them off or put them back on.

    Just be wary of the side panels under the seat. They have a bolt in them but also little clips which tuck up under the seat area and can be broken off if you simply pull on it. Same goes for the upper fairing if I recall which has tabs that go up under the tank.So take it easy on these ones. Also the fuse box is under one side there near the seat(cant recall which side ) if ever you need to get to it.

    I only weigh 65 but have managed a mate who was pushing 90 on the back and she went real well.
    If you get comfy enough to chuck someone on the back (legally of course ;) ) it will handle it no worries.

    Now while its a 2fiddy it still has a bit of get up and go once you get up around the 10,000 mark so be a bit carefull when ya pushin it for the first time.

    Good luck, have fun and any q's just drop me a pm and I'll get back to ya.

    Not a mechanic by any means but did fiddle with it from time to time when needed.

    i've also got a copy on me puta of the manual. tried uploading here for someone but its 28meg and didnt work. MOre than happy to chuck it on a cd and post it to ya though.

    Cheers Brett
  6. thanks , when i worked at a bike shop learnt how to take fairings off . would it be much faster then my 150cc scooter
  7. The GPX is a great bike. Mine is a 91 model and I have squeezed 150 kph on the flat out of her. With petrol prices always on the up, I am seriously thinking of sticking with the 250 even after I am off restrictions. Its great in traffic, got enough get up and go as a commuter, and easy to handle.