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Proud New owner of ZZR600

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kim Rodger, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. As the old saying goes "expect the unexpected" but you never do & what was supposed to be a simple test ride of one bike ended up being the purchase of a bike that wasn't even on the radar let alone a contender.

    Took me totally by surprise & not long into the test ride I was hooked :grin: By the time we got back I had a smile bigger than ther Harbour Bridge.

    Long story short Team Moto Parramatta were great, we came to an agreement & before I knew it was some $$$ poorer but truely believe I got a great bike & deal.

    Enough of me babbling here it is




  2. Verrry nice! I really like the zzr600 to the point of seriously looking into importing one of the 05+ models. But gave up when I realised how much effort/costly that would be.

    Enjoy it! I've got 2 more months till I can enjoy my new ride :)
  3. Congrats! That's a sweet looking bike.
  4. We have a '93 model. Done 125,000km...and still running sweet. Not only good for the twisties, but they are a damn good little tourer too,

    The tank bag is missing,

  5. Wicked!

    Looks nice and clean.

    Enjoy your new proper, big bike :grin:

    --[+1000 for posting pics! Well done.]--
  6. Wow looks great Kim congrats! Look forward to seeing it at the Fiddler soon.

  7. After seeing it in the flesh yesterday I would say Kimbo got a good buy there. Plus now the family wont have to cast her off any more.
  8. Congrats Kim , you deffinately got yourself one sweet ride!!. :wink:
  9. Congrats Kim , :grin: .

    I seen it in Motorcycle trade this week ,I was gona take it for a spin :)
  10. Congrats kim, its a very clean looking machine! Hope it brings you many km's of fun!
  11. Congratumalanations on the bigger, shinier phizog bike! :p Enjoy, looks tres cool :cool:
  12. Thats a beauty Kim, did auntie have a hand in you getting it? :wink:
  13. phoar!

    Might even let you park that next to mine.
    We should set a min. 600cc limit beside the container and banish jason to the carpark.
  14. Oh I am worthy now to park beside :p
    I'm sure if we mentioned it to Magdon something could be arranged :LOL: :p

    Thanks everyone . I'm really pleased with it, just gotta get out & used to it.

    I must thank Bob though for scrubbing the tyres in for me - feel much betterer now that that's done.

    Haggis - I managed to snag this one all on my own - believe it or not, well with dad's assistance/approval. We are now a fully kwaka family :grin:

    Sleddog - if you come to coffee this week, I might even let you sit on it
  15. Nice bike, mate. I have a real soft spot for ZZR's, being that we have the little brother and big sister to your bike.

    Enjoy. :grin:
  16. took my mates 95 zzr600 out for a really quick blat yesterday after he pillioned me for a bit around the twisties. It was pretty damn impressive i was under the impression that it would be a bit slow and boring

    but i was suprised with the 100hp on tap...i think the bike is almost unchanged in the last 10years...nice bike and verry comfy
  17. Hi Kim, you look sooooooo good on it too.

    Well done with your purchase mate, now you will have not problem keeping up :grin:

    Here is a pic, about 1 hour after purchase!!!


    Sorry about the poor quality as it was taken on phone. :roll:

    Cheers Lou
  18. Believe me Kim it was my pleasure , i am still supprised at how well those things go , and they corner noicely too wink wink lmao
  19. i bought a zzr 600 new in 98 the colour that year was maroon/burgundy type of thing but it looked great did over 60 000 k's before i sold it never skipped a beat , first bike i ever lifted the front wheel on !!
  20. From the feedback you guys are giving me I certainly now know I have bought a fantastic bike. And if it lives up to the reviews I have read since purchase I am going to be more than jhappy for many years to come.

    If I can get a few tours in with my dad before he retires his 2 wheels I will be a happy daughter & this seems to be the bike that will get me there in comfort too :grin:

    Thanks Lou for the pic & the time to settle my nreves a bit before heading to my next stop after picking it up.

    Hey Bob - wink wink yaself, give me time & i'll see if my skills improve enough to get one !!!!

    Now i guess I'd better get my bum in seat & plana day out on my baby.

    Will the Vixen tame the Mistress ?????

    See ya on the road shortly.