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Proud dad

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by basejumper, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. found some great trails up at warnervale a few weeks ago and my 9 year old daughter is loving them and doing awesome. Last sat my mate and his 2 kids and myself and Emily were all sitting on our bikes ready to go, Aaron says to his dad,
    " What do we do if we see the cops?".
    Emily replies " hit the gas man "
    I started laughing and thought that I've never been prouder of my offspring than I am right now...

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  2. Nail on the head bj - job well done mate!
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  3. well at least some one is bringing there kids up well
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  4. Excellent work basejumperbasejumper :)

    I had something similar a last year whilst having a family movie nite at home watching Pirates of the Caribbean.

    I have a warped sense of humour to put it mildly , and as we were watching the movie my wife was saying how much she loved Orland Bloom and wondered out loud what else he had been in.

    Quick as a flash my then 16 year old daughter says Miranda Kerr.

    I must admit to shedding tear in between the howls of laughter from myself and her brother and gasps of horror from my wife
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  5. I gotta 8 year old daughter, she's so much of a girly girl. I cant even comprehend her going near a bike! Every kids different, hey!
  6. Proud Dad indeed, but what would Mum say? Anways... Casey Stoner started out on dirt. Perhaps we might be seeing the first Female MotoGP Champion. With a small but well placed sponsor's NetRider logo.
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