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Protesters cause SS6 of Rally Australia to be cancelled

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. For those unaware a round of the World Rally Championship is currently being held in northern NSW and.........

    http://www.wrc.com/jsp/index.jsp?lnk=101&id=5912&desc=SS6 cancelled


    SS6 cancelled
    Ford driver Jari-Matti Latvala takes a 1.2 second lead into SS7 of Rally Australia after SS6, the first pass though the 11.33km CTEK East, was cancelled.

    The stage was stopped after environmental protestors threw rocks onto the stage.

    The protestors had earlier failed in legal attempts to get the rally cancelled, after an independent ecological report concluded it was unlikely to have any significant impact on the flora and fauna in the area.

    Word also has it that the protesters were also waving yellow flags on the course which is a signal to the drivers to slow down.
  2. fcuking useless hippy ****s.

    A mate of mine is on the careflight chopper up there today. It'd be interesting to get his take on things.
  3. Bunch of inbred hippies... there has been a major shitfight up there ever since it was put forward as a location...

    FFS the organisers have had to pay for an 'animal ambulance' to follow the last car through and pick up all of the injured wildlife...

    They should all be charged with public mischief...

    Oxygen thieves...

  4. What... is there a trail of dead and dying animals??
  5. Of freaking course not... just another example of the squeaky wheel getting the most grease... I would love to make those brain dead fools squeak...


  6. throwing rocks at the stage?
    are we talking about them throwing rocks at passing rally cars, or heaving large rocks onto the track?

    either could easily result in a double manslaughter. jesus fcuking christ. what's wrog with these people
  7. NIMBY's !!

    Waving yellow flags on a WRC event ! lol
    Its not a closed circuit !! . . . the Rally drivers would have just ignored them !
  8. Treat them the same as people who throw rocks of bridges.

    Ha ha, yeah yellow flags at a rally stag, ha ha ha, idiots been watchin too much V8 Supercars!
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  10. what is wrong with these people FFS..................

    They claim to care about the environment, but what about human safety littering roads with foreign rocks.

    As a country we need international events to help promote the country, and encourage tourism.
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  12. +1
  13. Actually it has the same meaning in Rally as in circuit racing except rally drivers probably take more notice of it then their roundy roundy cousins :roll:

    Isn't there some rock throwing laws in NSW after several deaths a few years ago??
  14. What were the concerns of the environmental protesters?
    Rallies happen all the time over Aussie without protest.
    Was there something different about this stage to cause some concern ??
  15. There must be a jinx with this stage.
    Apparently it was cancelled in 2006 as well..........

    Atkinson crashes out in SS6 - stage cancelled.
    Crash.Net, October, 2006

    Subaru's Chris Atkinson has crashed out of the lead in SS6 of the Rally Australia and as a result the second run through Murray North has been cancelled. Atkinson had been 13.6 seconds in front going into SS6, until his Impreza WRC car slid wide on a left hand corner and bumped two wheels into some undergrowth and loose sand.

    The car was undamaged but became beached - stranded less than one metre off the road. Atkinson and co-driver Glenn Macneall and a handful of spectators did their best to rock the car back onto the stage, but their efforts were curtailed when the hot exhaust pipe ignited a small brush-fire. The stage was subsequently cancelled as other crews stopped and helped to put out the fire. Although the blaze was eventually extinguished, the damage meant Atkinson...

  16. dude ! I think Rally Australia was in WA back then !
    Its the first time it is in NSW !
  17. i'm with the protesters.

    if this is the same event hoisted on an area that didn't want it, residents, council etc, that the ogvt minister in charge is incompetent and has charged thousands of dollarts to his government issued credit card for furniture and big screen tvs that ended up in his house, that the guy organising this WRC event in australia is "mates" with the minister and that the tab for all this is being picked up by the taxpayer.

    just proving how f-ing useless the NSW govt is.

    oh, i read several of the drivers saying "I understand their anger, i wouldn't be happy about this as well, but i have a job to do"
  18. ^^

    Is that in English?
  19. Hey, I understood it :?

    Nearly passed out trying to read it without taking a breath though.
  20. I'm still keen to know why there were protests about this section of the rally.
    As I mentioned before, there are thousands of rallies every year without any protest at all...in fact most locals welcome them. What was different about this one?