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VIC Protest Ride re Citylink Tolls

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Smitty, May 13, 2005.

  1. just saw this on The Age site...

    Tunnel protest planned over motorcycle tolls
    By Dan Silkstone Transport Reporter
    May 13, 2005 - 10:52AM

    Hundreds of motorcyclists are planning a protest ride through CityLink's Burnley tunnel next Friday night in protest at imminent motorcycle tolls.

    The Motorcycle Riders Association of Australia said yesterday it would meet tollroad operator Transurban next week to discuss the planned introduction of motorcycle tolling. If that meeting does not resolve motorcyclists' complaints, a protest ride has been scheduled for Friday May 20.

    In a call to arms, the association asked motorcyclists, clubs and groups who are unhappy with paying tolls to gather on the steps of Parliament House at 4pm for a mass ride through CityLink "as a demonstration of our disapproval of Transurban's position".

    The Age revealed on Wednesday that CityLink management hoped to begin tolling motorcyclists soon, using recently installed rear-view cameras that can identify motorcycle number plates.

    If testing shows that the technology is reliable and efficient, motorcyclists would be given a four-month grace period to get used to the changes.

    Dale Maggs from the MRAA accused CityLink management of reneging on a verbal agreement not to introduce tolls until 2008 and said the assurance had been given after motorcyclists staged a protest ride through the tunnel two years ago.

    Mr Maggs said he was concerned that the introduction of tolling could interfere with the association's well-known toy run in December. "There will be thousands of motorcyclists going along CityLink in an event that is for charity and they shouldn't be making a fortune out of that," he said.

    CityLink spokeswoman Jane Calvert said that a final decision to toll motorbikes had not yet been made. "We have a good dialogue with the group and hope to continue working closely with them throughout this process," she said.

    RACV General Manager Ken Ogden said he supported tolling of motorcycles but was concerned that the CityLink cameras would be used for tolling and not just enforcement purposes.

    "This means that a private company will have access to Vicroads licence plate records and people's identities," he said. "We would want to make sure there are safeguards to stop that information being abused."

    woohoo another protest ride :p
  2. i'll be there
  3. WhyTF do they always plan rides at 4pm? Don't these guys have jobs?? Really shits me.....

    I'll have to ask the boss if I can skive off early.
  4. is there any way that any Netriders at this can recognise each other in the crowd ? Does anyone have a Netrider flag or banner or something ?
  5. Keep an eye out for the Netrider.org.au plate frames! ;)
    I'd be keen for that, just finished my big submission for uni by then so 4pm aint a problem for me, but i do question why they always schedule these things for a time when normal non-dole-bludgers should be working.
  6. Just get Groberts to stand there holding a giant coffee cup! :LOL:
  7. I think that Groberts' old faithful Across should have been gutted and put atop a pole so it could be taken to all of the NetRider gatherings as a sign post of sorts. That said, it's still going strong in the hands of another learner.

    A giant coffee cup would also do... ;)
  8. Slightly off topic.

    There aren't any safeguards. I girl I used to know worked at Citylink and coule easily bring up any license plate record just by punching it into her computer. I think she used it to call people who used the road and didn't have a tag or account with citylink.

    She didn't have to have a police check or anything to get the job - the position was at the same level as telemarketing sales or any other McDonalds style telephone casual job.
  9. Yeah, i finish at 5.. i can get out 10/20 mins early but not a hour =/
  10. Does anyone know exactly why they are protesting about?
  11. Not enough re-runs of The Muppets, I think...
  12. For real! Now I really wish I could be there
  13. If it means more Muppets on telly, I'll ride down from Sydney for it....

    Ooooh, Citylink? What the hell is that? Nah, bugger it.....
  14. Count me in....

    Bloody disgrace....
  15. I read the article as "If we can't receive a compromise in the talks, there will be a protest ride". So they'll be protesting Transurban's unwillingness to reach an agreement with the MRAA.
  16. Yes ive trawled through MOST of the marathon thread on the topic... but does anyone know what the MRAA's stance on the matter is? Or is that the point of the neogotiation?

    Can't help but feel that a couple of toffs at the MRAA are going to be damning me into doing the tram line shuffle all the way down Toorak Rd to get onto the M1. :(
  17. Peak hour. :p
  18. Have to agree with Tenoq, they aim it for the time it will cause the most disruption, ie peak hour, by the time the submission will have finished and everyone moves off then they will hit the tunnel at 5pm and cause wonderful amounts of chaos, plus will make the nightly news services with hopefully live coverage as well.
  19. Hehe - want to see yourself on TV, Scumbag? :D
  20. I will be lucky if I make it, the house move gets delivered that day and all the people coming out to connect things like Foxtel and broadband and the phone, the list goes on. If I am really lucky I will get into to coffee but I am not counting on it. Plus you really do not want to see my ugly mug on the telly, too many complaints would be made to the broadcasting commission.