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VIC Protest ride July 5th. Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, May 28, 2008.

  1. I just got an email from DC regarding a protest ride on Saturday July 5th.

    What are your thoughts?


  2. DC organising it is enough to put me off.
    He won't get the numbers after putting so many noses out of joint and finally getting kicked out of the MRA after he singlehandedly destroyed it as the political force it once was.
  3. Ask Vic about DC and bucket collections... :LOL:

    I do love the bit about VMAC. I wrote the media release opposing the tolls that JDK sent out. That was closely followed by Stuart's media release also opposing the tolls.

    What DC doesn't seem to realise is that the toll company is a private company and as such, don't generally have to consult with VMAC before deciding what to charge motorcycles.

    He might get some numbers - let's face it, he's the the Harold Scruby of motorcycling and his email list must rival Harold's list of fax numbers.
  4. I think it is interesting that there is no chaos planned.
    A nice quiet cruise down a deserted inactive freeway? Sounds like
    a recipe for not being noticed to me...

    I would go on general anti-tax principles if it wasn't a workday for me
    but I think it would be more effective if it were shirtless in front of parliament
    or some other location where it will actually be noticed.
    I also think the aims of the protest are valid but diluted a bit by being
    multiple aims instead of a single clear slogan.

    BUT at least he's out there doing something to try to help riders,
    yet again, as he has done many times in the past!

    which is more than I can say for a lot of people...

    (I am not privy to any of the confusion and argument that allegedly exists
    between the MRA and DC within recent years, all I know is that when
    I knew him personally 5-12 years ago he was a great help to riders,
    and did all out of his own spare time and his own hip pocket).
  5. This protest is typically DC in that it serves no good as far as I can see to the motorcycling community. I agree the issues are important but the timing of the ride is stupid. None of the issues are currently in the media spotlight so there is no public awareness or support. All he will achieve is giving people the shits by clogging a freeway to fcuk up their sunday. People will not know why and they will be angry for it.

    No-one is ever going to support bikes getting toll free travel and I don't feel it's fair either. Reduced tolls is a more fair option.

    The levy is likely to be here for a fcuking long time. Protest rides will not change it. Discussion through keeping good relations with governments might help.

    Front ID is worth a protest ride but not now. It needs to wait until the government is actually close to the process of introducing them. At the moment it's little more than a consideration and we'd probably do better to keep the pollies minds away from the issue in the hope they shelve it. Should the government decide to proceed, then a widespead campaign and protests will be best if the issue remains unclouded by other issues so it can be highlighted in the media.
  6. i agree we should make lots of smoke and wheelies
  7. Don't forget the bonfires of used tyres...

    It's not a protest if you're quiet and out of the way. And to ride 60ks to listen to some geezer preach to the converted....
  8. now a figure of 8 through the Melbourne CBD all day at 15 kph, with riders joining and leaving as needed would attract attention! But it's a work day for me so I won't be attending. Thanks for the read everyone.
  9. I agree with Thera circling the cbd for a few hours is more attention grabbing but i have to say we need to be very very clear about motive, agenda, etc.
    DC is a dinosaur past his useby date and should be put out to pasture somewhere in the desert.
  10. Ya can't knock a bloke for trying!

  11. This bloke has been particularly trying and I wouldn't be surprised if he is the single cause for the lack of cohesion between motorcycle groups here in Victoria and the other states as well.
  12. Convincing the government to remove a tax :rofl:
    Sorry but I reckon you'd have better luck convincing the Pope to French kiss a Rabbi.
  13. Now this is actually a very good idea. It doesn't require huge numbers, but will still get attention. It can fit in with a lot more people's schedules. No laws broken, no need to antagonise the majority of the public.
    If only it was for a well focused, clearly identifiable goal...
  14. It actually needs to be stopped in it's tracks.
    All it will do (if it goes ahead) will take away from any formal organised ride and p1ss people off.

    As people have said we need an organised, co-ordinated "official" ride, during peak hour preferably, with a formal message given to the Govt and to the Pblic, before after and during.

    The message to Govt is: "we aren't happy and we will prove it...by uspsetting the Public and making you lot out to be the baddies"

    The mesage to the Public is "the Govts STUPID enforcement of laws has caused this ride, (please feel sorry for us etc...)...."

    And before I get flamed,
    (i) teachers
    (ii) unions
    (iii) nurses
    (iv) etc....

    It worked for all of them..
  15. There's 3 issues behind this ride:
    Tolls, Front Numberplates and the "Safety" Levy.

    The toll issue won't be resolved by this ride. We will be pursuing it by negotiation and I really don't know how it will go.

    The front numberplate issue is being opposed on a co-ordinated national basis through the Australian Motorcycle Council. I now believe that the existing proposal will not be accepted. At this stage protest rides are totally premature since it has not been adopted as policy by any jurisdiction in the country. The only one that has any enthusiasm for it is NSW. Of course when it's rejected it won't stop you know who from claiming some sort of credit.

    My personal belief is that eventually there will be an attempt to introduce electronic id - for all vehicles, cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses etc. That will be a whole different issue.

    The government has already stated that it will not remove the levy in the near future. We will continue to oppose it but it is now firmly entrenched. It's been in long enough for many new riders not to even realise it exists (especially since it is not listed seperately on the rego).

    As a result of the meetings with the Minister last year if you own more than one bike you only pay it once so there is room to move on where and how the levy is applied.
  16. TonE my references to a formal ride (if needed) were in regards to the
    "Speed Kills" zero tolerance laws, and the lane splitting / filtering issues.
    Those still require adressing.
    I agree 100% with all that you have written.
  17. Fair comment Tramp.

    The "zero tolerance" speed needs to be addressed by all road users. A campaign by motorcyclists alone would be totally useless as we don't exactly have credibility in the public's eyes when it comes to speeding...

    The filtering/splitting will only be addressed when we have a sensible coherent transport plan that covers powered two wheeled vehicles. Again, something I've become more optimistic about in recent times - especially following the National Motorcycle Safety Summit.
  18. TonyE, I like the way you approach these issues. Therefore, you have my support. Just keep us informed, and ask when you need us to show visible support.
  19. Thanks for that. We are trying to approach things in a reasonably rational manner these days. There's a lot happening at both national and state levels. Motorcycles have come right forward on the agenda for most of the agencies and we're getting some very positive responses.

    We've got Ken Lay - the new Assistant Commissioner (Traffic) - coming to VMAC next week. From what I'm hearing he has no baggage or prejudices surrounding motorcycles and it will be very interesting to see what he's like. Word so far about him has been very positive.
  20. fcuken when? You might want to look at the agreement before believing bullshit you read in the paper. Agreed on your point though. If the AEU didn't pay pussies to do their bidding they might have achieved something. Definately a lesson for the rest of us.