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Protest opportunity?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Mouth, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. Hypothetically...
    Your in Melb, and have a *perfect* opportunity to protest directly against the current govt (at the very top of the pyramid!) over bike issues (levy, etc.) and could give a LOT of other riders the opportunity also, at short notice.
    Do you do it?
    Would you want jump on the bike one evening and join in, with only a few days notice?

  2. I would, but with just a few days notice I think the numbers would be very low, thus loosing the impact of the protest.
  3. Hypothetically ...
    The protest would be *high* profile, and much more notice would ensure that the opportunity would get removed.
  4. Depends on the issue and the nature of the 'protest',and whether or not I had something better to do. Protests might make the protesters feel better, but there is not a lot of evidence that they are effective except in a handful of extreme cases.
  5. I would, provided it was out of work hours. Thats the only proviso. I have a strong allegiance to my empoyers.
  6. i would definately if the purpose was useful... from mouth, i would assume this would be.

    so most certainly (provided it's not thursday or sunday nights... ) lol.
  7. Yes, if you work hours are the 9-5 grind.
  8. As long as it's not the same place and time as others are sugesting for their rides ;)
  9. They are , and so I'd be there, rain or moonshine....
  10. this sounds a bit covert. i'll come if i can wear black camo paint.
  11. As Moike said above, the usefulness would be subjective.
    But, the oportunity and it's presence is a great one.
    I guess I'm wondering if people would want to be notified, or just let it slide
  12. I would do everything possible to make it.
  13. Count me in but would need more than 5 mins notice to arrange child care!
  14. I'm in.
  15. bad news for ya dude, its a hunger protest :LOL:
  16. In that case I'm already protesting.
  17. Hypothetically...

    Stealth mission in the planing. Must be a goodie
  18. I'll be in Melbourne next week......
  19. Hell YES!
    Well I would if that Damien a$$hole wasn’t organising it or trying to hijack it :mad:

    There is a time and place, Mouth . . . but you know that :deal:

    Let me know when and where :idea:

  20. :WStupid: