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VIC Protest on Wed 12 Nov at Parliament

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Dave Milligan, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. Any Victorians from here going to Parliament on Wednesday at midday to protest the various issues surrounding the poor treatment we motorcyclists receive from the various Govt bodies.

    I think it's a good chance to show the pollies that we have a voice.

    MRA seems to be most ineffectual so let's go and support the organisers.

  2. hhmmmm ineffectual seems to be an appropriate label for this organiser.

    I'm tipping it's DC as I've got no idea what protest is organised for Wednesday.
  3. It is NOT an MRA event.

    Sorry to disappoint....... But all the pollies who the MRA are talking to are actually listening to us :grin:

    MRA ineffectual? Well Dave, I'm afraid that's your opinion. I suggest that maybe you call me sometime so I can fill you in on all the things which really are happening, as I'm afraid the organizer of Wednesday's event refuses to believe that in Victoria the pollies and Vic Roads etc actually really do care about us.

    I assume you didn't go to the VMAC stand at the Bike Expo - where you would have seen all the good work that has been done by MRA, Ulyses, M/C industry etc. The fact is - there is a group of people who are actually working together - unfortunately not with the people holding the event on Wednesday :(

    I'm sure those that go on Wed will make a lot of noise - but, it will all be pretty much a waste of effort - as much good work has already been done to get M/C recognized properly in Vic. I just hope you and others don't stuff it up for the rest of us by undoing all the hard work which has been done on your behalf by those on VMAC etc.
  4. Is this the follow up to the Eastlink protest?
  5. I think it is
  6. Yes - it is.
  7. Great. Another useless protest to make us look like tools. Thanks DC :roll:
  8. That's because they enjoy listening to you support their tax. :wink:

    I'm not going because I have to work. Typically DC forgets most people work. If you want a lot of noise you need a lot of people and Wednesdays aren't going to do it. For those that are interested, here's the last spam mail he sent out. :)
    It's the follow up to his Eastlink protest. This time the protest is focussed on the anti-bike tax and making riding cheaper which (surprisingly) is a step in the right direction from his last protest. A tad pointless in it's expected effect, but better thought out than the last one. :)
  9. Actually - I don't support their tax - and the MRA has made that clear to them.

    But, the tax has made the Govt almost wish they hadn't introduced it because it has had all sorts of unintended outcomes - and has actually swung the power back to riders in Victoria.

    As long as the tax exists - riders will be listened to, and things will happen. You just have to look at the other states where there is no Levy to see just how little is being done for riders - and how hard they have to fight to get anything done. In Victoria - we don't have to fight anywhere near as hard - by "We" I mean not just the MRA - but all the other organizations who have representation on VMAC.

    I was going to attend tomorrow - but I too can not because I have a work commitment also.
  10. Geez, wasn't the first protest bad enough, the media protrayed us as a pack of whinging b@stards with no specific agenda
  11. What's even worse - one of the main supporters of this is now calling MA and MRA - the "Enemies from within" on the countersteering site. FFS - what is the sense of all this? A few of us put up our hands and actually try to do something (all unpaid) and this is the treatment we get....:( :(

    These guys are all just about causing friction. The pity is that there is a large group of riders representing us all (not juts the MRA) - actually making sure that we all are getting noticed. The best that the organizers of tomorrows event can do is organize a protest....:?

    Dave Milligan - I'm still waiting for your call - my number can be found on the MRA(Vic) site..... :?
  12. It's the next iteration of DC's never ending petition. I think it's the third time he's handed one in. If they ignored the first two times then there's no possibility that they'll listen to this one.

    I'm not sure what Dan Rotman (MA) has done to get on the sh1tlist of these people though. MA is not the most perfect organisation but Dan is a genuine sort of person and works hard.

    It's fascinating that the attitude among some of this crowd has gone from anti-MRA to anti-VMAC. I do notice that the industry people (who have voted with the rider reps on 99% of issues) are not being targeted though.
  13. I don't apose the $56 levy so I won't be there!

    I just need it to be spent wisely, on m/c specific issues. Not to fix up roads that get used by 10x as many cars as motorcycles.
    I want it used on rider training/education.
  14. You got a link that we can check out?

  15. I oppose it, and one reason that I differ from you is that it is a slush fund, and slush funds have to be used up to be justified and in turn increased.

    It happens with your taxes and with your rates.

    I don't know how many times I have been rung up in May or june by a council wanting to spend allocated funds before the end of the financial year, otherwise future funding levels will be hard to justify and impossible to increase, to the point where it is suggested that you at least charge X amount.
    I am not a fan of it, and maybe foolishly no longer take part.

    Another example is the compulsory Red Card (now White card) training day for anyone involved in the construction industry. The best part of a day is wasted for every employee that works onsite, very little if anything is learnt and all of the basic answers to the test are given to you, what a joke!

    I can imagine the same level of training being handed out on mass by incompetant trainers to unwilling participants simply because the 'compulsory' levy has to be justified to the beaurocrats and increased with your next rego, to pay for the 'compulsory' training!

    No thanks! Bring on the Protests! :evil:
  16. This is different to funds that are allocated in a budget. It comes directly from bike regos so the amount is fixed, year to year, based on rego revenue.

    And that money is dedicated to the fund.

    So, it should not be the case that if they raise say, $20m this year and only $15m gets spent. The remaining $5m should roll over into next year. If it doesn't then we're being ripped off and misappropriation of funds investigations should be occuring.

    VMAC, if it's allowed to report it, should detail the spending/revenues and what's in the bank, so to speak. But in the past it's been constrained by the Minister as to what it can report. That's changing, but I don't know by how much.

    Oh, I had a read of that blog, Countersteering. I'm not familiar with the guy, but he claims to have attended various MRA meetings (but never been a member).

    What I fail to understand is what he is trying to achieve. He says that the MRA is doing a poor job, but he doesn't come up with any alternatives other than to espouse the NSW model of representation which I find nothing wrong with, mind you.

    Further, he has made some claims which at best are unsubstantiated.

    Finally, he doesn't say who he is or who is on his "Countersteering Group" as the "About" section has little info other than his name is "Dave" and that he rides bikes.

    A little more background would be nice, particularly as he is making public comment. It goes to credibility and integrity, you see...
  17. It does get rolled over - I don't have the amount raised here but it's closer to $5M per year. The funds are seperate to VicRoads budgets and now need a recommendation from VMAC before the Minister will sign off on any projects.

    There is public information available on the spending split - it was available at the Expo if anyone asked. I'll check this when I get home and post some info up.
  18. Can you explain how this works? Specific examples would be great.

    I cover a lot of kms and they only thing I see Vic Roads doing is erecting signs. For example, on the Monash, they go and create gouges all over the road that "rail road" you on two wheels.... their solution? Couple of signs should do the job! :shock:
  19. See Tony's response above. Read VMAC Communique.......

    If you were an MRA member - it is all detailed in the quarterly newsletter.

    Other than that, I have neither the time nor the inclination to spell it out again.....
  20. It's a slight exaggeration perhaps but a minor example is that the proposed motorcycle safety strategy is now going to be a motorcycle transport and safety strategy.

    It's not the government per se that JK means but the bureaucracy.

    It does mean that because there are actually dollars involved they need to at least listen. The signs are actually a good example. One call and a mention to VicRoads and they were up instantly. Now it's all well and good to say they shouldn't have been needed but they have never previously even bothered with motorcycle warning signs for work like this.

    An outcome is also that the frangible and flexible signage will be rolled out long term - not out of the levy - but as part of the overall VicRoads budget. It was only that the levy money paid for the testing that even got this off the ground.

    Another one is the recent advert "Look Again for Motorcycles". In previous years it would probably have been an advert warning motorcyclists that "car drivers don't see you" and putting responsibility entirely on the rider.

    VicRoads has created a motorcycle safety officer position within the vulnerable road users area - not paid for from levy money.

    The progress is slow but it is progress. The levy is not seen as a cash cow to be milked any more. All the road treatments that come up are challenged - and I've been one of the loudest challengers. Those that are carried out are now only in specific areas and routes where there have been motorcycle crashes. OK they benefit all road users in those areas but it's not the car drivers that have crashed there - it's been the motorcyclists who crash. The proportion of car drivers that crash on the Spurs or Kinglake or the GOR or the Great Alpine Way is way fewer - in fact most of the areas treated have no history of anyone other than motorcyclists crashing.