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protective pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by nobby, May 10, 2005.

  1. Mate 5 bloody degrees this morning, and I bloody froze. I got all my riding gear covered for winter except for the pants.
    Currently wearin Draggins cause they fit, but warm or waterproof they ain't. Problem is I'm 5'6" tall, but I got the weight of a six footer. So if I get pants to fit the belly I finish up with legs way too long and knee protectors down near my ankles.

    Any suggestions other than tailor made, that sounds too expensive.

    And don't say diet... I love my Irish Whisky and mum's home cookin?

  2. Nobby there is a place in port melbourne i think they are, Torrini Leathers, will taylor make both leather and textile protective gear, give them a call, not sure about there prices. A coworker of mine's husband got some from there at reasonable prices.
  3. My cheap solution is to wear some soft and fairly thick trackies under the draggins..

    I think the (more or less) bulletproof low-cost solution would be to add weatherproof pants or a coverall. I've found that the insulating stuff does a pretty good job if the wind's blocked from blowing through it.
  4. Your cheapest option to try first is a pair of thermal leggin's/underwear. Will set you back between $20-$40. They are pretty tight and thin so should fit under the jeans no problems. Get em from an camping/outdoors supplier. Even Barbeques galore stock them. Waterproof pants will keep you very warm as they keep all the wind out. You will however sweat up a treat. Save them for the rain.
  5. 1. Never wear trackies on a bike even if they are under your Draggins... If you come off and slide they will MELT!!
    2. If you are going to ware thermals get COTTON not wool... as above they will MELT!!
    3. I got a pair of Dririder pants (the old fashion ones without all the padding) at Peter Stevens at a sale... thse type of pants are still being sold in other stores and come up on sales very often... Looking at them they can be altered very easyly with a pair of sisores and some thred...
  6. WOOL - melt?
    The whole thing with wool is that it is a fire retardent, are you sure that you are not referring to a polyester mix?

    On the subject of Draggins, how come you can trim the kevlar so easily with scissors but it apparently saves your skin in a crash?
  7. Thermals... I wear thermals. They work a treat.

    Also, the cold is primarily from the wind chill for a cheap pair of wet wether pants will also help
  8. Hey Lordtb, wool won't melt under ANY circumstances, likewise cotton
  9. i got a pair from , black rose (i think the same place)
    $110 with body armour in them and they fry you if its not under 5 degrees they are that bloody hot , you want to get wet :LOL:
  10. You could always wear some Depend under your jeans. They provide insulation for the important bits, the water from foggy days wont wick up to your nether regions, and they serve a dual purpose in the event of a near miss. :D
  11. My leather jacket and pants were $600 from Torrini, not tailored, but altered a fair bit to fit my curvy self, and they threw in a pair of gloves as well. They fit great....

    However, don't be misled into thinking that leathers are warm, specially for serious cold weather. For the cold, you're better off with Dririders or similar, that have a lining.
  12. thermals

    thermals are great for skiing and hiking, etc, but next to useless when riding
    they work on the principle that the holes trap heat from your body during exertion and hold it next to your skin, which, if you ARE exerting yourself, is fine.
    but since riding a bike consists of primarily sitting in the one spot and not exerting yourself, the only real benefit they can have is just of another layer of material.
    I've ridden through over 20 Canberra winters when it gets down to -9 and wind chill is lower than that and, trust me, I know what I'm talking about.
  13. Hi rc36Honda.

    Well, I too have ridden in harsh enironments and like my thermals. They work fine for me. So, there :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Sure, they are not the best solution, but they are good bang for buck next to a $129 rain suit that blocks out all the wind. Using both works VERY VERY well
    under the leathers...an old skiers trick
    works too..!
    c'mon you blokes don't be embarassed....
    this is cheap

    thermal underwear if you wanna be a fancy pants....
    its not cheap though!

    *colour choice is yours..but not pink :LOL:
  15. Smitty, does that really work...Hmmmmm...ahhhhhh.. that is why my crotch is still cold, I am wearing the thigh highs......DOUGHHHH
  16. oh
    and my Torrini (Black Rose) leathers are great
    been down the road twice in them... (twice too often :( )
    and they still are ok (apart from the war wounds)


  17. Thats not a mental image i was looking for Mitch grrrrr

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Re: thermals

    Bought some for the NZ-ride, wouldn't miss them anymore.
    It's the solid, non-punched type cotton.
  19. Ke? Trackies are usually 100% cotton. I know mine are.

    And wool? Get a bit of your wool carpet and a lighter - see how well it burns. :p

    EDIT: just occurred to me you might be talking about those kappa crap tracksuit things that are like plastic with a liner. Yeah, they're bad. You'd be nuts wearing em anyway, I reckon. ;)