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Protective gear saved my ass

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by basejumper, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. After getting home from the hospital after my accident i had a few weeks ago that i wrote about in here i inspected my protective gear. My ixon textile jacket left arm was shredded and the elbow protector deffinitely saved my elbow from what probably would have required surgery. I would have lost an aweful lot of skin if it wasnt for this jacket. In emergency the ambos faces were cringing when they slid my jeans off expecting to see pain in my face and they were dumbfounded when they couldnt find one single scratch or graze on my entire lower body. They saw the kevlar panels in the draggin jeans and just shook their heads when they remembered just how many times they had seen riders who had come off in seemingly minor accidents who had to endure months of pain waiting for their skin to regrow when a $70 pair of gumtree jeans would have saved them. A big thank you to draggin and ixon for saving my skin and im so thankful i only have to deal with rehab on a broken arm and not skin regrowth. Riding in shorts and t shirt is not cool guys, its stupid.

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  2. Dead wrong - not only is it cooler, but it is cool...

    And, I'm just putting it out there, not crashing would've saved your protective gear ;)
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  3. Word, brother.

    Seems that the squid threads are starting early this year?
  4. It sure seems so - they're determined to annoy me this summer, I can tell...
  5. basejumper, why did you crash?

    Addressing that issue would have saved you money, pain time off the road etc. Not to mention the cost to the public in providing you with emergency care....

    I don't mean to sound facetious, and I'm glad to hear to came out of it relatively unscathed, but coming onto a motorbike forum and preaching to us about what we should wear when riding is a bit rich.

    Perhaps you should drop off the last sentence and leave it as an endorsement for the quality of the gear you own.
  6. I don't have an issue with your post at all mate, regardless of how and why you had the accident. That's what the safety gear is for after all for those that choose not to wear some well that's their choice. Not having an accident in the first place is obviously what you try to avoid but for me at least the protection may help somewhat.
  7. It's in another section , old lady stopped in middle of road on blind corner
  8. And we couldnt keep this in the original crash thread?

    Shorts and t shirt are uncool? Ride naked... It's cooler
  9. seems like you need to replace your gear, have you contacted Takamii yet?
  10. ^
    I agree with the above comment but I do support the riders choice to wear what they want, no matter how silly it is.
    And as for looking cool....I can remember when smoking, not wearing seat belts, building homes with asbestos and baking in the sun covered in cooking oil was really cool also. Eventually your "coolness" will catch up and bite you.
    Someone once said that the definition of "cool" is..doing something that could possibly cause you great harm in order to impress people you dont know or like.

    Just one other point..
    What's with this Americanisation of our language?
    It's ARSE, not ASS. An arse is a body part. An ass is a donkey.

    The visualisation of "A helmet saved my ass" should look like this...:):)


    Just my 2cents worth.
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  11. edit: very stupid post, mixing up my bones.
  12. I do. Wear the level of gear you feel comforatable with given the prevailing conditions (and I don't just mean the weather), but don't come on here and call other riders "stupid" just because their choice is different to yours.
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  13. Sorry about your crash and good to hear you came out unscathed :).

    I have ridden with shorts and T-shirts and I felt cooler (temp) but looked awesome to by standers. Best way to save myself, was to stay upright by using the powers between my ears (that's right, it isn't just air!) and not entrusting the general public or relying on my protective gear to keep me safe.
  14. I didn't mind the post - it's good to hear not only good news but a review on protective gear (i.e. the draggins).

    The lecture at the end is getting old and falls on deaf ears usually anyway. I've worn shorts and t-shirt before and I'll do it again i'm sure. Try riding in full gear in northern WA - you'll die of dehydration before a crash after sweating your ARSE off.
  15. If a helmet has ever saved your arse, you were wearing it wrong.
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  16. Finally, a decent explaination for the term "Bumhead"

  17. Umm, interesting post. A couple of things though. I don't think calling people you don't know stupid is a particularly good call. What is more stupid is falling off in the first place. Also, draggin jeans are, in reality, only marginally better than good quality heavy denim jeans or moleskins. I've seen pictures on another forum of a blokes badly road rashed knee and leg, care to guess what he was wearing? Yet my wife fell off at 100+,wearing normal ladies jeans from Rockmans, and only got a little bit of road rash, and it was all but healed within a month.

    Tell you what, I'll do you a deal. I'll wear what I want on a bike and you can wear what you want. I promise I won't laugh at you when you when you're sweating like a pig and start suffering from heat stroke. I also promise I won't come on hear whinging like a little kid if I'm stupid enough to fall off.
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  18. Protective gear played a part in your lack of injuries but most of it was luck.
  19. So the the visualisation of "ass squidding" should look something like this

    Though Japanese websites keep showing me something totally different :shock:
  20. Choosing to ride a bike is even more stupid. I hope you're now paying attention to those finger waggers in your family?

    (Riding it badly enough that you crash in a situation where most of us wouldn't is even more stupid ;) Don't be a preaching mouth-breather)