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Protective gear? pfffttt

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by hornet, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. Travelling up from Wollongong this morning, a blue R6 appears in the mirrors.

    The bike got a bit closer and I noticed that the rider was wearing a nice blue leather jacket. Good.

    As he passed I saw that he was wearing blue jeans (?), standard industrial safety boots (?) AND NO GLOVES (!!)

    And as he pulled away and slipped left onto the Picton road, I saw his gloves, bungie-strapped to the top of his bag on the seat behind him.

    This is not in stop-start traffic, this is on a 100KPH highway with coal trucks, kangaroos and hostile motorists.

  2. haha. at least that guy was trying to wear something. but to tell you the truth i don't notice them much anymore. except when theyre REALLY good looking and wearing bright red stillettos and a mini skirt on some stupd scooter :)
  3. i love mini skirts!
  4. The story continues as follows…

    Hornet then continued at a safe and legal speed behind the rider, and eventually caught up when the hellion stopped for petrol.

    Hornet then launched into a sermon about what a terrible and foolish person the rider was, how his mother would weep when viewing his mangled body, and how a blue jacket with blue jeans are *so* last season.

    The rider in question doused himself in petrol just as Hornet launched into commenting on his ethnicity, how Hornet himself was not racist but how Hornets family had lived on the land for the last 7,500 years therefore giving him the divine right to judge others. After executing himself by self-immolation, he drew further ire from Hornet for wasting a precious resource, followed by a brief diatribe on the price of petrol and what a nice man that Mr. Bush was.

  5. I only like mini skirts on women
  6. You left out the bit about my Protestant ancestors wiping out inci's ancestors, and how much better bikes were in the 70s, :LOL:
  7. Are you telling me you ride a motorcycle? Those things are so dangerous! I've lost a friend in a motorcycle accident... so exposed! Come off and your a goner! Seesh.... :roll: :LOL:
  8. lol :p :D
  9. it's true i really did see her at the shops! and she had an open face helmet too :roll: pity, i woulda thought good looking girls would want to stay that way :shock:
  10. Yeah, well, most of us learn more by pain than by instruction..........
  11. My BF & I call people who don't wear protective gear "Skin Doners".

    I wear blue jeans - but they're Draggin Jeans.

    Even on the toy run, when it was 38 degrees, we both wore our boots, draggins, & jackets (summer ones) & gloves. we saw a few"young couples" that appeared to be out to pose...guy in shorts & tank top, girl in short shorts & a strappy top. Saw them again at the destination - the girls backs were red raw from sunburn. which wouldn't have happened if they were wearing a jacket.
  12. I think the more experienced riders like the "legend" that is "Hornet" do have very valid points when it comes to road safety, wether some people choose to mock the fact its pointed out is understandably fun as the still have all their digits intact.

    But when Im playing rock scissors stone with a guy with no digits then im a winner everytime.
    All my body parts are valuable to me and i cover it all up, as you cant see what might happen unless of course your in you late teens or early 20's and you already know everything there is to know about everything. When you get a little older you forget you know everything and are happy to listen to others who have been riding for over 30 years as they still are......

    What a safety mood im in today......
  13. theres stacks of squids out at the moment. riding back from ballarat the other day, every traffic light there was at least 2 bikes, and most of these were quids.
  14. Tis the season to be self-congratulatory after all.

    I think like most things you eventually have to leave it up people to figure out for themselves, lead by example and not by "well, I think..."

    I always cover up: boots, armoured pants, jacket, gloves, and helmet. Even if I'm just going to the shops. But you couldn't tell me to do that, and if you bailed me up or pointed fingers that wouldn't work either.

    The point of the bike is you take responsibility for yourself; you have to plan ahead, and deal with the consequences of bad luck, poor ability, or poor planning without the comfort of surround sound and leather trim. To that end, each to their own and as long as it's not putting me in danger I don't care what you wear.

    Don't say it increases your insurance premiums because clothing doesn't determine your propensity to stack, and the government taxes us blind regardless.
  15. In any free society, the conflict between social conformity and individual liberty is permanent, unresolvable, and necessary.

    The legal requirement is only a helmet, the rest is personal preference, so let the squids be, its about choice & individualism, your safety is not an issue if someone else is underdressed.
  16. I wasn't commenting on the guy on the R6 from the point of view of trying to change his behaviour, just on what risks he was taking, and perhaps what signals he may have been putting out to other motorcyclists, maybe new riders, etc.

    I guess by his jeans and work boots he was a manual labourer of some sort, and I shudder to think of his job situaion if he damages his hands, even in a low-speed fall.
    I defend his right to take whatever risks he chooses.
  17. I've been this person before. Full gear except for gloves. Why? Cos I'd been riding all day, taken the gloves off, and not been able to put them back on because of the sweat!
  18. That's true, though I wish the Government would lower their CTP insurance if you wore the right gear all the time... however I can see this open to both abuse and impossible to trace.
  19. mmmmm not sure i would like to followed by hornet going on his run down on this guy did you get his licence number too and what coulor jocks he had on ?????? :LOL:
  20. Hey Es,

    What does "Squid" mean?