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Protective gear - Pants and gloves for learner rider

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Julien, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. Hi guys

    I am new to the motorcycle world (just got my Ls) and would really appreciate some guidance from more experienced riders.

    Safety is really important for me and I am looking at buying some gloves and some pants for riding my Suzuki GS500.

    Has anyone got some suggestions as to which gear I should be looking at please?


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  4. IMHO you get the best stuff you can afford. If you're just commuting then as above Draggin jeans (usually around $200) and some decent gloves, personally i'm a fan of hand protection as its my livelihood so i went with Alpinestar GP Pro gloves but again it depends on your budget and requirements. If you're going to be riding rain/ hail or shine its worth having a good pair of winter gloves (ie wind and waterproof) as well because riding in freezing conditions with soaked gloves and not being able to feel your hands isn't fun!
  5. and whatever you get, make sure its comfortable. sit on some bikes in the store if you are looking at draggins or hornee.

    theres no point buying some pants when you cant bend your legs properly or get a good grip on the tank
  6. I recommend going to MAW in Castle Hill and having a chat with them.
    (if that trip is feasible for you).

    Unless they're really busy you're sure to find a staff member who will spend time showing you stuff and explaining and answering questions.

    They automatically knock 10% off the ticket for learners and the ticket prices are ok to start.
  7. Thanks for that guys. Would you recommend that I get any knee protections?
  8. yeh, if youre going for jeans then put some proper separate knee pads, the ones that strap onto your legs. i picked up some axxo ones and they fit under the jeans nicely. dont go for those foam velcro ones

    you may even look at a set of leathers in time. the shift pants i have are by far the most comfortable and protective of my gear, like a second skin. totally worth the money
  9. Personally I'd go for a set of Rjays textile pants (or similar other brand) and jacket where you can slip them on over your work clothes for the ride to/from work. They come with knee and hip, back protectors etc, 3m reflective tape etc which draggin jeans don't. Very comfortable and well priced at $169 for pants and $299 for jacket.
  10. personally i wouldnt settle for anything less than leather.
    cow is the only way to go.
    it offers more protection than textile or crappy kevlar jeans.
    plus it looks good :cool:
  11. +1
    even tho on a day like today 37* ridin in the ass of a cow will be a lil warmer, once you get goin the wind does its job.
  12. +1 for motocross knee guards, if you're wearing jeans etc. I've taken to also wearing MX overpants (the cordura kind with wide leg, not the elasticated nylon) over my work pants for commuting.
    Leather for proper rides, though.
    The fully waterproof overpants are way too hot and sweaty for summer.

    edit: nobody's said boots. Get boots. Proper motorcycle boots. Now.
  13. +1 to that. I wear Fox MX knee guards under my Hornees. They are quite comfortable.

    And as titus said, get a good pair of proper boots. You'll want some with decent ankle, shin and heel protection. I've got a pair of Thomas Cook boots... full protection and the most comfy boots i tried on out of all the ones i was looking at.

    Overall, whatever you get, comfort and ability to control the bike while wearing the gear is most important. Good luck :grin:
  14. Don't forget some decent boots, hard to walk with a mashed foot!
  15. I have brought a lot of gear over the years, different brands some good some total rubbish.
    Try Collins Leathers on ebay, they are great to deal with and they give a 5 year warranty, I just got a suit from them and its the best suit I have ever had, check out their feed back on ebay, its all good.
    Best part is the price, you have to check it out.
    I was a bit put off at first but Dave makes it so easy.
    In regards to denim jeans, I had a crash about two years ago in them and they ripped to bits.
    Like the guy from Collins said if denim was that good, Levi would sponser Rossi or some one like that, when Kevlar hits the ground you end up tumbling down the road, thats why they banded kevlar suits from road racing.
    There is only one thing to protect skin and thats skin?