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protective clothing

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by rnor5928, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. hey guys after reading the forums on back protectors and riding gear...ive decided to get these tomorrow...


    and draggins...and some gloves.

    does anyone know if that upper body protection jacket is a good unit...and if it is high quality???
  2. I came across this site http://www.highvelocitygear.com/ when I was looking at body armour as well. Might be worth a look as their stuff appears to be cheaper and with better protection??

    As an aside, I don't understand why the hips aren't given the same level of protection. Bust a hip, you can't exactly walk...

  3. I wear a separate chest and back protector as apposed to the single unit in the link. It s made by forcefield and is a soft armour rather than a hard armour. The items i have are the Racelite chest protector and the L2 Pro back protector. Both meet the CE standards, but the back protector meets the higher of the two standards for impact absorbtion.

    Though, i wear leathers so dont need any of the armour around the shoulders and elbows as that is built into the jacket.

    Forcefield also do a few products like that dianese unit if your looking for alternatives - their top one being the Extreme Harness Adventure.
  4. Dainese is one of the better brands, so no problem with quality. I believe the item your looking at buying is made for motocross and/or off road riding. Is that what you are looking at using it for?
  5. I bought draggins 1st up on the advice of a mate. Problem was I often do a 60km commute on the bike day/night summer/winter. Winter saw me get v/cold even with a pair of longjohns under the jeans.

    Depending on your riding can I suggest you take a look at some textile pants? Motodry, rjays etc make a set with zip out lining, hip and knee protection for $199. They're waterproof and will suit you in summer / winter.

    Of couse they don't look like jeans but might be worth a look.
  6. I'm just guessing that your pelvis is bigger and stonger than your elbow or your collar-bone......
  7. hrmz question... do they make body armour for women? we have erm... diff bits esp for something like the high velocity gear that has the chest protection as well...
  8. Found this page of women's only gear at Icon.
  9. er thanks, but aside from wanting to look like either barbie or something that passed out and was left on the ground at Sturgis... :LOL:

    I want armour, not gear ;) I am thinking for adventure riding style :)

    I think that 4 jackets, leathers, and draggins is *probably* enough for the moment heheh
  10. I need more jackets. As chicks, we need to have a good range of jackets to choose from. I also need more draggins, boots, maybe another helmet.....
  11. um no i am exclusively a road rider was thinking bout wearing this under my leather jacket... when i do long rides which is a couple times a week...is this suitable for the road??? i cant think why not but perhaps there may be some reasons...
  12. Only 'ladies' armour that I'm aware of comes from Forcefield
    and that's just for the back.

    Unless you count the ALPINESTARS WOMENS STELLA BIONIC 2 PROTECTION JACKET which claims to cover the front 'bits' as well.

    They even have extras in case you need some spares. :grin:
  13. Ok, does anyone else not see the irony in that??????? I mean mens and women's back are relatively similar... the fronts however... not so much, I mean esp for those more gifted women, how do they get armour for motoX or adventure riding?
  14. I have the Alpinestars stella armour.. Only gripe is the velcro on the detachable back protector has stopped working properly..

    For dirt bike armour, I ended up trying on various brands until I found one that accommodated the "front" area :grin:

    I've hung on to it in the off chance I get back into dirt biking.....
  15. i was going to buy draggin's myself but ended up with hornee jeans, better fit, cheaper and look a whole lot better