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Protection from sun

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by iamausername, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. I've tried using sunscreen to protect my neck from the sun while i'm riding and it just rubs off onto my jacket and helmet.

    What I'm looking for is a neck tube that is made of that stretchy material that some balaclavas are made of (spandex/latex/polyester??).

    I don't want a fleece one as it would get too hot.

    Anyone know where I could purchase one?

    Otherwise, any other suggestions?
  2. That's Awesome! Thanks :)
  3. Put a brim on the bottom of your helmet

  4. or buy a bandana
  5. I like the idea of the wool buff. Wool can be quite cool in summer if its one of those new superfine wools - like a thread count of 150. Wool is apparently really good at moisture wicking, which means it will draw sweat away from the skin and keep you comfortable.

    Anybody know if the wool buff would be like that?
  6. Good for sun, and for rain:
  7. the posties have a flap on the back of their helmets.
    i've never figured out where you get them from though.
  8. definitely not from the mens department of a shop
  9. We ask the admin staff in our office :-s For the one person that might be interested, that flap is held on by a three velcro tabs and could probably be made at home for less expense than locating and buying them.

    Unfortunately I can't be too much more help than that at the moment as I'm still stuck at home but if I'm on the phone to work I'll try and remember to ask.
  10. I don't understand why you are getting sunburnt there. I've never experienced any issues because the jacket and helmet base at rear are usually fairly close?
  11. thanks jester, i could make one out of some suitably gay fluro material. i think it's a practical solution. that, plus the sensation of wearing a small flailing cape. and shouting "up up and away" with every launch fom the lights
  12. highest proportion of funny answers to a serious question so far this month :LOL:

    love the kermit touch (y)
  13. I opened this thread because its a problem I have too and will have it again as im about to start commuting to work each day. Good ideas!
  14. If I saw one of those hanging off your head I would jump inside, close the curtain and proceed to do unmentionable things to your face.
    Just sayin'
  15. I was thinking under the helmet and tucked under my jacket. How about gaff holding something on the back of the helmet??
  16. I think you would still look something like a 4-poster bed, and therefore inviting...

    Better, but I think the AusPost velcro solution more elegant.
    I actually thought it was a press-stud arrangement, but velcro is even better...

    I also share Raven's curiosity though, since even when I squid the back of my neck is fine; what helmet and jacket combo are you wearing, and is there a history of giraffism in your family?
  17. Yes I have a long neck. It is also very white and not at all hairy -- think Nicole Kidman with a crew cut. I'm riding a std bike which probably makes more of a difference than the jacket and helmet I wear, although there isn't much of a collar on my jacket.