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Protection better than cure

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by riyder, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. So youve worked hard, saved the deposit bought the new bike,
    But what to do?, what or how is the best way to protect it before they happen from all those little nicks and scratches ya get,
    form ridin and just everyday stuff.

    1 headlight protectors
    2 contact on screen?
    3 some clear coating on fairings /paint
    4 other suggestions you have
    5 or sell bike cause i turned into a pussy and too scared to ride it , cuase it might rain , or get a stone chip , or i just washed it , or dont want put too many k's on it.

    or is there a maggic polish out there?

  2. Oggy Knobs for the more brutal offs.
  3. If water on the bike becomes an issue in terms of potential for rust. WD 40 can help. Or there is a plastic bubble, sold by Ducati Performance, you can buy, that incorporates a fan in an attempt to control the atmosphere, create an airflow and dry your bike. This is probably good if the bike is going to stand for a while. :) :wink:
  4. yeah it's a fact of life that riding the bike will make it less perfect over time. routine maintenance will help slow this process, but unless you keep the bike in that bubble G was talking about, you can't protect it all the time.
  5. To hell with it, just go for a ride. Once you've had an off (although this is not compulsory!) and a few stone chips accumulate you'll stop worrying so much.

    A headlight protector is a good idea as is a small container of touch up paint for those days you have to be anal about it all. Go the contact solution if you are REALLY particular but unless you ride dirt roads alot I'd leave it (I may just be lazy though).

    I've seen the buble that G is talking about, trust a Ducati owner to put that one forward :p ! It looks like a bit of stuffing around though and newer Jap bikes don't sit there rusting like Ducatis do :LOL: :p .

    Just kidding G! :D
  6. I read in one of my most recent magazines about this thin film that you stick onto your fairings and it's supposed to be like a see through glue on car bra for your fairings so that all the rocks and things don't nick and scratch it.

    Kind of like this
    when I get home I'll find the exact name of the one in my mag cuz it might be in oz, unless I read it in BIKE.
  7. yep oggy knobs sound good , and chipno more is it expensive? or maybe a coat of clear laqueur or would do it
  8. The one I read about was in Rapid bikes magazine. It was called "Venture Shield" exact add from the magazine.

    Doesn't show any price straight up. you'd have to call I guess it'd be kinda pricey for what it does but you'd have to call, personally I wouldn't be bother'd putting the crap on
  9. Best line i remember was...

    "Skin heals, but fairings don't."
  10. skin grafts hurts just thinking about emm!!!!!!!!!!
  11. that was on my Across when I bought it.....