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protecting paintwork

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by student of insanity, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys,

    On the weekend I gave my new leather pants a work out.....the roads were a bit rough in places out the back of Bathurst and there was a wicked cross wind so I found myself hanging on tighter than usual with my knees....all good except...

    The leathers rubbed the paintwork at the point of contact of knees and ankles :evil:

    NOw I am REALLY podantic about my bike and I hate scratches.....so this really p_ssed me off!!!

    Luckily I was able to polish the marks out but I dont want to get them again, and I dont see the point in buying leathers if I dont wear them...

    Someone told me about a plastic coating you can buy to go over your paintwork.....sounds like a great idea

    so who knows where to get it, how to apply it and how much etc....

  2. Hey Lindy, cheapest way is to buy some thick clear contact from any of the big department stores, cut it to shape, prepare the surface by wiping it down with Prepsol ( a degreaser for painted surfaces) this is to get the polish off the surface so the cintact will stick. Failing normal thick contact, go to a supercheap store and buy some headlight skinz, this is about 3mm thick, cut it to shape and bingo, just make sure the skinz is large enough to cover the area u want to protect. Also rub a leather protector into your leathers, it will soften them up and they won't be so harsh on your tank.
    If all else fails, shove a Bagster tank cover on the tank.
    Tex & Bundy.
  3. Hi Tex
    I made some enquiries on GRO and the woman from MAW (Motorocycle Accessorie Warehouse) in Castle Hill told me about this product called Tank Skinz from Altrex. It is basically the same as Contact only thicker and you get enough to cover a big bike (fairings and all I think) for $29.95.

    i have it on order, but I will take your advice about the Prepsol and the Leather conditioner (I have some Dubbn but hadnt thought of that :? ).

    Thanks for that

  4. Tankslappers cut to already fit your tank and if you take your time easy to fit.Fitted to my zx9 and no problems :grin:
  5. Is Tankslappers a brand??

    I asked if they had them cut to fit specific bikes but they said not for the GPX 250 (Atrex and Oxford) :( why do they not respect the little guys???? :roll:
  6. probably no market for bikes lik GPX250