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Protecting Leather

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by BiX, May 26, 2006.

  1. Ok now that i own a leatehr jacket and upgraded to leather gloves, whats the best way to protect and treat them? options

    - Leather treatment for shoes?
    -Scotch guard?

    Whats going to protect the leather, while not weakening it?

    any other tips on how to treat leather jackets?
  2. An article i read in AMCN said not to use Dubbin as it can degrade the stiching in the jacket, depending upon what the stiching is made from (Synthetic vs Cotton etc.) I am, however, at a loss to which one it degrades.
  3. I don't know why Dubbin keeps getting a hammering, maybe we should get the Myth Busters on to it. :wink:

    I've used dubbing on my walking boots for the last 8 years, the soles have long worn out but not the stiching, the leather or anywhere else.
    I have yet to meet or talk to someone that has actually used dubbin and had it rot any stiching.
  4. i Hvae used it on boots for a long time, though do tend to find it makes the leather more supple and soft and wasn't sure if this means the leather won't last as long when sliding along the road?
  5. Try Nikwax, heaps better than dubbin.
  6. send mel aka ''snakegal'' a pm and she will sort you out with the good stuff :wink: ....she runs a leather care business. www.melsleathercare.com

  7. Yeh, Mel fixed me up with her magic leather protectant.
    Works real well and doesn't damage the stitching.
    Check out her pet frog and snake whilst you're there!
    Daz. :wink:
  8. SnoSeal

    $14 a tub from Rays Outdoor or similar stores.

    Have used it for 8 years never a problem with stitching, leather stays waterproof for up to a year.
  9. Yep spot on Vic, have used this on a pair of hiking boots for 24 years :shock: got them when I was 16, they have been resoled 4 times still fantastic.
  10. I only use dubbin on my footy :]
    leather jackets i just get the waterproof scotch guard stuff and every now and then i put some conditioning on it. Other than that just let it age!
  11. Dubbin is about 30-60% tallow, which is pretty much animal fat. The tallow "apparently" degrades cotton stiching.
  12. There is a Dainese brand leather protector / conditioner available at most bike shops. From memory its around $36 and in comes in a pretty box which more looks like a mens perfume product.

    Anyone tried it ?
    It says on the box, "especially formulated for Dainese leather products only" ! . . . or some words to that effect.

    I reckon its a crock ! . . . whats so different about Dainese leather ?
  13. Mate, that stuff Mel makes is totally mad, full of exotic stuff like vitamin e cream and jojoba oil, used it onthe leather seats in my car and it even made my hands soft (till i got em filthy again).. Shoot her a pm

  14. Dubbin apparently rots natural stitching like cotton, but not synthetic stuff like kevlar - which is 99.9% of modern leather jackets from non dubious origins.

    I've used dubbins heaps, even on the jacket that took a spill last year and the jacket held up fine [better that I did]. By the way, when I asked Mars leather what to use, they said no real need for the more expensive stuff on m/c jackets, dubbin is fine.

    Apparently something called Renapur is the ducks guts in leather conditioning... cleans and conditions... haven't got myself any as yet. It is locally available but costs >> dubbin.

    Vic's snoseal sounds interesting...
  15. Renapur is good but pricey.

    SnoSeal is simple. Heat the leather with a hairdryer (its the wifes hairdryer orrite :p ) work the snoseal in. It pretty much melts straight away and is in liquid form once it hits the hot leather.

    I heat, apply and allow to cool. Then take to it with a clean rag and buff the leather till all the "tackyness" is gone.

    Then for my amusement, I place the garment under the tap and marvel at the water as it runs off the garment :)

    I have used the Dianese Leather Treatment. Crock is the correct term too.
    Once bottle was a cleaner the other the conditioner. ppffttt

    SnoSeal is the fooolli shikkest shtuff mait ;)
  16. I have always used Dubbin on my leathers and boots.

    My last pair of boots were 10 years old and had been resoled twice, but there was nothing at all wrong with the stiching.