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Protecting bike accessories

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Kit, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. I thought it was a little odd that I never saw any helmets on any of the bikes near where I park, but I guess I now know why.

    Just a note to other fellow new riders, don't leave your helmet locked to your bike using its helmet lock (if you have one) for long periods of time. They're pretty ineffective and there's nothing worse than coming back to a damaged bike (in my case) and realising that you can't even ride home because some ... person... has stolen your helmet.

    Sadly, I just bought a brand new tinted visor for it yesterday, which was stolen along with it.

    Anyway, an experience isn't worth having if you don't learn anything.... So what do most people do to secure things on their bike like bags and helmets?

  2. For me, it all depends on the area I'm in.

    With the helmet, if I know it's not a great area, I take it with me. In better areas, I use the helmet lock.

    With my Gearsack, I have two levels of security. I either take the bag with me or use a big padlock to secure the bag to the bike. Also use small padlocks to secure the zips.
  3. The only time I use the helmet lock is to lock the pillion helmet :p Or mine if its parked right at a busy entrace to a shopping centre. Always carry my bags or whatnot with me. Not worth the hassle of loosing shit I reckons..
  4. I saw something in the two wheels mag that called lidsafe that is a slashproof, waterproof bag which has a high tensile steel cage through the fibres.

    Its called lidsafe by pacsafe. www
  5. I'm a new rider and when I bought my gs500 I got a ventura rack and bag because I got rid of my car and needed it for things like shopping. By default its not very secure, so I bought a chain which winds around the rack and bag, goes through underneath the seat and winds around the metal part that the grip bar bolts to. That way I dont have to worry about the bag when going shopping.

    I have small padlocks to lock the zip, but the bag could be broken into easy enough with a pair of strong scissors. I figure that this at least stops the less determined crims who might want to "take a peek" inside the bag. Most of the time I buy stuff and then carry it home. But sometimes when I drop into the shop I might put my jacket in there and lock it up. That's just a risk I have to take if I dont want to carry it around. Same with the helmet. One day I know something's going to happen to it, but what can you do about ferals? :evil: :evil:
  6. There are options for securing stuff to bikes but the other option is to reduce the temptation to thieves. Some ultra-expensive helmet with fancy graphics is far more likely to be pinched by someone just wanting something to put on the bookshelf than a cheapish, plain-coloured helmet with a liner that's badly in need of a wash ;).
  7. In 30 years of riding I have never used a helmet lock. My lid goes with me as it makes a handy little shopping bag all by itself. :grin:

    The gearsack goes with me too.
  8. I don't secure shit!

    & thats because everything comes with me. Why give some fool
    added incentive to do wrong?

    Its no different to leaving your laptop on the front/back seat but
    making sure ya doors are locked icon_rolleyes.

    Whether I'm gone for 10mins or 10 hours is irrelevant because
    they'll start working on taking ya shit as soon as you're outta sight.

    Helmet locks are f*cken useless. The best safeguard against theft
    is too keep your shit with you.
    on you.
  9. Would you leave $500 in cash sitting on your bike seat and walk away?

    Why leave your gear on the bike? Where I go my helmet and jacket go.

    My brother put his jacket on the bike, walked 5 metres to the ATM, got cash out, turned around and his $900 jacket was gone :oops:
  10. I hang mine on the mirror.... oops sorry I don't live in Sydney and its safe up here.

    Bugger of a thing to happen to you, specially as you say how do you ride home.
  11. Hmm, I just shackle lock mine (Abus "U-shape lock) to secure parts of the bike eg. Fr wheel. If it looks like it's gonna rain, I put the lid in a plaggy bag 1st.