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Prospective new rider - bike'less

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by WCRider, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone,

    new to the forum, just wanted to ask a question and get everyones thoughts.

    I am a coming to the end of my uni studies and am looking to purchase a bike middle of next year (2013). (when i can afford one)

    Is is worth while going and getting my license now, or should I just wait till I actually have/afford a bike?

    there in lies the question.... did most of you guys have a bike before you went for your license? or how long after you got your license did you purchase your own bike?

    I couldn't find a thread dedicated to this question, so hope starting a new one is ok.

    thanks for your responses in advance everyone.

  2. Welcome to netrider.

    There is a lot of talk about changing the current Victorian system of obtaining a licence to make it more difficult and expensive. Getting it sooner may be the better option.
  3. I'd go with get it sooner. I got mine and didn't have a bike until about 7 months later - in Queensland you have to hold your RE licence for 12 months before you can upgrade to R (unrestricted) licence, so meant only really 5 months of LAMS riding for me.
  4. As a new rider I would recommend getting bike and course as close to each other as possible

    I have only been ridding since Feb and I am still finding if I miss a day I go backwards in skill level. It is about muscle memory.

    I picked up my bike the day after the course at HART. Be aware however that the course teaches you how to get you L's not ride on the road IMHO.

    Cheers Jeremy
  5. Licence now and ct110 now
  6. once you get your license, you're gonna want to get on a bike ASAP! you're not going be able to resist!
    That and you only have 12 months to go for your Ps before your Ls expire and have to go through pre-learner course again.

    i'd go for my Ls around 3 months before you get the bike. you can always get a cheaper bike if you want to get license sooner.
    this way less of a rush to find bike/go for the different tests.
  7. mate....get your license...get a bike ..do them both now - life's too short, don't **** around and be another person coming on here saying "omg i cant believe how much fun this is i dont know why i waited so long !"

    if your going to be a stubborn prick and not rob a cabbie (i figure that's what you mexican bastards are upto for a spare buck of the moment.)

    then even if it does make it harder for you to get your license with the possibility of victoria changing the licensing system...who cares...wait it out ...get your license and bike at the same time, Jem is exactly right...you dont want time passing and you forgetting what you were taught...as much as most people here MAY or MAY NOT piss n moan about how the course should teach you more or that it's boring..point is...it teaches you the absolute basics you need to control your motorbike...and forgetting them and trying to 'wing it' can have horrific consequence's.
  8. Mate, get your licence know and just buy a cheap bike to learn on. Something like an older CB250, VT250, GPX/z 250.
  9. firstly thanks very much for the replies guys... really appreciate it and its interesting to hear your p.o.v's

    I'm just gonna do it now and go for it, sick of waiting and wondering what if.. ive waited long enough.

    just needed a little extra nudge i guess.

    thanks for the help.


    p.s. - little confused regarding the mexican post... but anyways

  10. about 30 minutes after i finshed the l's day i when and put a deposit on a bike so i would say do both of them now
  11. Mexican refers to south of the border =Victorians ...and the robbing a cabbie was referencing the recent incident of what was it...5 or 6 cabbies being robbed in under a hour ?
  12. I wanted to get my license and a bike one day, so I booked it. A week later I had all my gear and taking my l's test. That same day I was out testing bikes, seeing which I liked the most. The next day I walked into Peter Stevens to test a bike I was confident I WASN'T going to buy, 45 mins later I had a deposit on a bike I thought I wouldn't buy. Took me 1-2 weeks to set up my license and get a bike, and I haven't looked back once.

    Go get ur license and even go to the bank and borrow the money for a bike because it is awesome!!!

    My opinion,


  13. +1 on this 100% hahaha