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Pros/Cons comparing ZX-2R, CBR250RR, FZR250.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by noobrider, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. Trying to narrow down my first bike, and so far have it narrowed to these three, have had a sit on the honda and the kawa, found them pretty comfy yet to try the fzr... discuss!

  2. All 3 are exactly the same, the Honda costs slightly more.
  3. The CBR250 would be my pick of the bunch. Because they are everywhere and they are so popular amongst learner riders you'll never have a problem looking for a part or selling it when your done.

    + There is a wealth of information and help available for the Honda CBR250 so you can learn to do all maintenance yourself - http://cbr250.com/cbr250/forum/

    Do a search for these bikes in the bike review section there is tonnes of info on all of these bikes.

    Goodluck mate :grin:
  4. I had a cbr250rr and it was a great little bike. Was an Aussie one with about 25,000kms. I ended up selling it for pretty much near what i bought it for with fairing damage (fell over in the trailer) with 50,000kms on it, so they do hold there value. www.cbr250.com is also a really good resource. Just keep your eye out for a good deal, you should eb able to get a decent one around the 4k mark...
  5. Or completely different,
    The FZR will have an exup system and a redline somewhere around 17000rpm. Parts for the Yamaha are getting harder to come by and because of their rareness they have shot up in price..
    Also because of the high reving engines they usually have suffered greater amounts of wear in comparison to the other two

    Aftermarket fairing kits for honda's are everywhere, so are parts and nearly everyone will say they are the more comfortable out of the three.

    Leaving the kawasaki, which is cheaper, slower and suttle.. This would be the one I would choose as they seem to be better looked after, opposed to the honda which every boy racer buy's
  6. :? They're all 40-45ps 4-cylinder, water-cooled, 250cc engines that redline around 18,000rpm - and all are based on, or "inspired" by, the engine in the Yamaha FZ250 Phazer.
    Buy the one you can find the best example of for your budget, any (very) slight difference between them when new is completely irrelevant now.
  7. +1.

    The FZR's are much rarer and parts are getting hard to come by. I have a mate who stacked one and its taking him ages to get it back together because of the lack of parts.

    All three are very good bikes, just buy the one in the best mechanical condition. You'll only have it for 12-18 months.

    CBR FTW!!!! For the various reasons already mentioned.
  8. awesome replies ty guys!
  9. I also had trouble narrowing down my first bike, with the same choices as you.

    Was seriously considering a FZR250R, but it seemed most of them have a dead EXUP system, and the parts are virtually all 2nd hand. A fair few of them weren't working due to EXUP clogging the exhaust.

    Also considered a ZXR250. Decided against it because there were none locally (within 150km), and couldn't convince myself that there would be enough parts. They do look nice though.

    Ended up getting a local CBR250RR. It was only 4Km's away, within my suburb! Thats how easy to find they are. It was a nice, well kept 1993 (45HP) model with 30k km. Bit more expensive than the others (just under 4k), but its got great resale and has a honda's reliability. And parts are everywhere.
  10. I think you got it for a fair price! Although not the best learners bike they sure are a lot of fun on a track or on twisty roads.
  11. Get the ZXR.

    18inch rear wheel makes the profile of the tire just a little flatter, i found that this made the bike turn a touch slower and feel a bit bigger than it really is.

    Ive owned both an FZR and ZXR, i preferred the zxr by miles.
    My wife now rides a ZXR250 and loves it to death.

    They look great, they ride nice, parts arent that hard to find.

    Make sure any zxr's you look at have had the cam chain done or are void of any cam chain noise (Sounds like keys rattling on the tripple clamps when your revving at around 8000rpm).

    The zxr has a tiny flat spot at around 6000rpm (or at least all the ones ive ever ridden did) but its nothing to be worried about.

    Cant speak on the CBR except that they run the same size rear tire as the FZR and i dont like the way they feel.

    Hope that helps.
  12. Was looking at the ZXR, but glad I went with the FZR, being my first bike, can't give you any real comparisons, but you don't see many and so long as your ExUP works it's a nice addition that makes it different to the other 2.

    The cons of it are the same as the pros really, there are not as many, so parts can be a biatch. The exup and exhaust in general means that an oil filter change requires you to take the exhaust off etc.

    www.fzr250.com for more information :)
  13. i didn't take my exhaust off when I changed the oil filter just the fairing.
  14. First of the FZR250s have the oil filter right above the exhaust, way too tight-a-fit to even get a tool in there.

    If you happen to have an older FZR with exup (like Nudge), it makes it even harder. You either have to take off the cables or suspend and twist the exhaust while you change the filter.

    Its not hard, but makes what should be a small job a slightly bigger one.
    All fun though.
  15. They are all old model thrashed-to-shit bikes? I can't see the point in any of them.
  16. What is everyone thinking? Theres the answer right there.
    I wonder why they even made 250's in the first place...

    Im also sure that every R1 was purchased by a 22yo and the bike has never ever been on two wheels its whole life.

    So please inform us as to what the only option in a learner legal bike is?
    Keep in mind it has to suit absolutely everyones tastes and needs.
  17. Look jerkwad, unless Honda et al stopped making motorcycles in the last ten years there are a number of new LAMS and 250cc bikes on the market. Pumping up some old piece of thrashed and dropped shit is not the only answer. FFS do you work for Sumoto? Only those blokes would try and sell the crap you are suggesting with such vigour.

    You want a list? Do I look like your mother? Use the internet, it's there for jerkwads to use too.
  18. These 'new' bikes are not on par with those of old however. Are you telling me that a new ninja 250r is in the same performance category as a ZXR250?

    I really enjoy the fact that I have a rarer, more performance focussed bike than the new crop of 'sports 250's.' I have learnt a lot about how different parts work having performed all of the maintenance on the bike since I've had it. These are things that I never would have had the chance to do if it was a new bike.

    Horses for courses champ.
  19. Given the number of ZXR250s that are running 15 year old brake lines (and in some cases fluid), 15 year old springs, 15 year old dampers (and in some cases fork oil), 15 years worth of fatigue in the alloy frame, 15 years worth of lost compression/horsepower, etc. - I'd say no, they're certainly not in the same category. For serious track performance the 250R is actually way out in front - unless you want to go to the expense of completely rebuilding a ZXR.
    Hard to convince someone how fast your bike is when its a twisted pile of scrap on the side of the track due to a ruptured brake line/mechanical failure/whatever.
  20. Because if your not content with a boring VTR or the like you dont have any option.

    They're great bikes for track days and there are few learner legal bikes that come close to them in terms of performance.