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Pros and Cons of a cruiser{ update 1 Year on}

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Sleddog, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. "Thinking" about getting a new bike and really not sure what i want .
    But 100% sure not R6 R1 CBRRRR ect to sporty and I will never be a knee down rider.

    Im still looking at sports tourers or nakeds like FZ6N ect.
    But i want a few thoughts on cruisers i would like a M50 if i could afford it ,but im after the pro and con thoughts on owning a cruiser for a weekend bike and maybe 3 day a week ride to work bike.???

    Thing that are "not really worrying" but like the wheels look like a pain in the arse to clean ,if i rode it 4 times a week to keep it looking good ,to much chrome to clean ect.
    Im LAZY and spending 2hrs a week polishing it ,won't be on my thing to do list every week.
    How long does it take to wash and clean a SEMI chrome cruiser.?
    Are they to heavy to zip around on ,but so would be a GSXF ect.
    Anyone got a cruiser and regretted it ,after owning a sport tourer.

    Cheers for any info.
  2. Would you consider a harley? You can get an XL883r for like 12 grand new these days....dont have lots of chrome either and you wont spend all weekend polishing. Overall they are a good reliable, well handling bike for a cruiser.

  3. The other thing to consider is the comfort factor. Cruisers transfer a lot of loads through your arse and up your back, because your legs are too far forwad to take any load.

    This is exaserpated by the piss poor shocks they usually put on these things.

    I think the Japanese have lost the plot with their modern cruiser offerings. they may have solved their weird looks, but they are no longer lighter and cheaper then their american cousins and look to be getting worse.

    The best cruiser on the market is probably the Hardley Sportster at the moment. I never thought I'd say it, but it's probably one of the best value cruisers around, because the Japanese have price and speced themselves out of the market.
  4. I have looked and read the reviews on the HD ,not to keen on the look.
    Nothing wrong with HD sporster just not my cup of tea.
    But freaken hell there good value and i have learnt before never take a bikes looks from a internet picture ,so will look at one in the flesh.

    I like the hard tail or soft tail ,it differs in name in the 100 reviews i had read ,well the ones with the small mud guards and not the huge guards.

    ibast , get what your saying about the riding position i have done abit of research and will test one out on a good ride .

    Cheers for you help.
  5. Brett, wanna kick some tyres this Saturday ?
    I bet you have not ridden one yet. :LOL:
    You should have ridden the Gypsy-Hog when you had the chance, it surely is different.
  6. yeah micky ,sounds good ,let you know friday if i get the weekend day shifts off.
  7. Hardtail/softail doesn't refer to the gaurd, it refers to the rear suspension arrangment.

    softails are hardleys that look like they have no rear shocks (they are hidden underneath). Hardtails are old bikes that have no rear shocks.

    The storter rear fender is somethimes called a bobtail or similar and yes I prefer the look of them too, which is one of the reason I son't like many of the Japanese crusiers. They seem to be all fender and 16" wheels these days along with a whole heap of other decorative crap.
  8. Sleddog,
    As you know, I have a cruiser and quite enjoy the ride. You can take her for a spin whenever you feel like. See if you like the 'feel' of a cruiser.

    Comfy riding position, imho
    Large and loud, be seen and be heard
    Looks good, again imho
    Plenty of torque down low

    Cornering, not much
    Not as much top speed, but then again mine is a LAMS cruiser
    Everyone says it's not a Harley, no shit...

    The chrome is not too much hassle. Just give her a wipe down every now and again, and a wash when you're not able to ride her.

    Don't know if any of the above helps, or is even true, as I have no experience on a sports bike to compare it to. But this is in my opinion, and my preference....

  9. Another cruiser to consider is the Triumph Speedmaster, though it will set you back about $16k new. Near solid rear wheel & not heaps of chrome (unless you want it) so an easier clean!!!

    If you're communitng three days a week, you will need to think about manoeuvring in traffic. Even my little Honda can be a bit of a challenge lane-splitting sometimes. It really depends on what sort of weekday traffic you're gonna be in.
  10. hiya m8
    I don't know a lot about any bikes but i just went and got a new Honda VT750C and find it great to ride,I also like the idea of shaft drive no more chains to worry about

    Now i have had a ride on a harley wideglide and was shit hot but very heavy for me being short and way out of my price range but the Honda cost me $10,990.00 on the road no more to pay for a brand new 2006 model, and can't fault it

    was also looking at the HD883 but just like the look of the Honda better and price also

  11. Hyosung GV650 Aquila, see the link in my sig for picture. Looks shit shot and I can generally keep up the Firestorm and Gixxer6 that ride with (even with the restrictions on)...

    All the coolness of a cruiser with a sports engine, sports brakes, sports tyres...

    Any of the Sydney guys that want a closer look, fang around on it, PM me and I'm sure we hook something up.

    EDIT: price is also cool, I believe they are now around the 9k mark brand new...
  12. Pros: Cool

    Cons: Too cool for school

    :) :) :)
  13. Yeah ive been thinking of buying the Hyosung GV650 when i get off my restrictions as a weekend cruiser. THey look so cool and are so cheap.
  14. another huge pro with the HD is the accessories....anything you can think of getting for your bike, Harley make it. So if you dont like the look of something then you can simply just change it and customize to make your bike unique.

    Oh yeah, and people that bag out harleys are generally those that havent ridden them, so do yourself a favour and get down to your dealer and ride a demo....

  15. It's also the con of Hardleys.

    "Gee that sportster is nice and at $XXXX it's good value. All I need to do is add an aftemarket exhaust, a hot chip, hot ignitions, some decent brakes, etc and then it will be the ideal bike".

    The problem is you never see the full value of all that when you sell the bike.

    I don't mind the current 1200R, but with a bit of this and that tacked on you could easily get to $21000 on the road and they are not worth that.
  16. ...yeah, but that's generally the same with any accessory for any bike. Sure, you pay more for Harley accessories because of the name association, but doesn't matter what you ride, be it sports or cruiser or tourer or trail, the accessories bite deep into your wallet. No decent aftermarket market I think....
  17. Sure you can buy accessories for other bikes, but the prblem is the Hardleys need these accessories to compete with the competition to start with.

    Anyway this is getting OT.

    Another problem with non Hardley cruisers is other riders attitude towards you. This is worse in Australia then the US.
  18. I """heard""" you can spend $1000 to hot up the 800cc HD will beat a 1200cc HD.
    Saving 1000's.

    Well i just went and had a look at the M50 boulevard suzuki 800cc ,nice BIG but very heavy ,cumfy and looks cooooool.
    Price $12.700 ride away.
    Insurance was only $480 ,over 35 clean licence 100% no claim ,for those interested .

    Walked passed the honda shadow 750cc three times thinKing it was a 1200cc+ something .
    But i was shocked when i found out it was a 750cc ,looks huge.
    Comfy and nice bars ,i said before i didn't like the large fender ,and the side shocks or i liked the bobtail look ,{thanks ibast got it now},but it didn't look that chuncky in the flesh and the car shock looked good ,not the old fashioned spring look.
    Loved it 99% ,just wish the back fender was a touch bobtail looking.
    $10,990 rideaway 750cc.

    Looked at the vulcan kawi 750cc {i think} seen to many today.

    It looked good, the rear fender didn't look as big and really couldn't tell the different need to see two side by side in the same shop.
    It was $11,000 also rideaway.

    I talked to one guy,he said 5 minutes after a ride to clean it and another said 30 minutes after every ride ,yeah like im gona do that after a 12hr shift 3 times a week ,LMAO.

    Im looking at around $11,000 ,and can get a name brand ,it was $10,500 for the hyo ,but it does have that cool look but only 650cc .
    At the end of the day im still not 100% sure i want a cruiser ,i "maybe" trying a few out tomorrow ,they all threw the keys at me ,say go for it.

    Im still looking for more pros and cons???.

    Oh and they layed the honda shadow over ,bloody heaps of clearance , more then you would need ,some thing to check for on the othere bikes.

    Im still looking at the fz6n.
    There is just to many to bikes to pick from.
    No scooter ,no r1's.
  19. Look at the triumph twin.

    The entry level one is about that price and would be a good all round bike.
  20. If i worryed what other people thought ,i wouldn't hang out with netriders :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    No really... i don't give a sh1t about the dude next to me on a HD ,if they missed the whole point of riding ,that's there problem. :)