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pros and con of diffrent sprocket sizes?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by timskes, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. i am thinking about changing the ratios on my bike.

    dont know what way to go.

    any advice/tips?

    cheers Tim
  2. How about giving us a clue about what you are hoping to achieve?
  3. I've changed the sprockets on both of my bikes. On my Ducati Monster 600 I went up two teeth on the rear sprocket from 15/43 to 15/45 which gave it some helpful urge down low and smoothed out progress in slow speed peak hour traffic conditions considerably - it really made a significant improvement to the bike.

    On my Aprilia Shiver, I've dropped one tooth on the front sprocket from 16/44 to 15/44 which again, has given the bike extra urge down low (which is far more important to me than top speed) and made things somewhat smoother in slow-speed manoeuvring. And it's made 'sport' mode on the bike even more mad! It's also helped me to finally manage my first proper wheelies in the last 2 days :p

    If you're looking to get a little more poke out of the bike (which with a GPX 250 I'm assuming is a safe assumption), then I'd highly recommend going either +2 on your rear sprocket or -1 on your front sprocket (both have roughly the same impact, -1 on the front will be ever so slightly stronger).
  4. thanks grumpy, gives me more of an idea of what it will achieve changing the sprockets.
  5. On the other hand, on the Tiger I went up a sprocket on the front to drop the cruising rpm by 500. Less vibration and slightly better fuel economy. Mind you, 1st gear is already fairly short for a litrebike, topping out at 90kph.

    The 5.17% speedo error introduced by the sprocket change corrected the speedo error from factory, too. ;)
  6. Er185 I had, went 1 bigger on the front and moved the needle 1 position, took it from a buzzy little shitbox to a nice little commuter.
    DRZ400E went to a 15(14) on the front makes it easier to run around town on makes everthing a little taller, still doesnt make 100kmh for more than about 15 minutes comfortable tho..
    GSX1100, with 1160 kit, minor headwork and Megacycle 4-1, ran 16 front 32? rear, tallest gearing I could get, Easy cruising at 160+, (NT-no open speed limit).
  7. go 1 down on the front and 2 up on the back, will transform the bike. if your worried about the speedo being out get a heal-tech speedo healer
  8. ,my bike has a cable driven speedo. so the "speedohealer" wont work...any other ideas?
  9. If its cable driven off the front wheel then changing sprocket ratios won't affect it.
  10. i didnt even think of that. lol
  11. Rather than playing with both sprockets, try just changing the front by one tooth, if you're lucky there'll be enough chain adjustment without shortening the chain. That way you can always go back easily.
  12. Yep. I went down one tooth on my zx6r, best $30 mod you could ever do
  13. I went the other way on my zzr250. I wanted it more comfortable at 100kph so I went down 2 at the back. It helped but probably should have gone 2 more or +1 at the front.