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Props to Citylink

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by heffa, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. Citylink are not normally on my good books, especially with all the ruts on the Monash at the moment. But this morning I had the joyous experience of an electrical fault on my way to work and was stranded in a breakdown bay several km's from home. I was only there for 20 mins before a Citylink breakdowns van turned up, and the bloke gave me what help he could with tracking down the problem. Then when we gave up he arranged a towtruck to get the bike home free of charge!!
    The breakdown guy then stayed and helped me put fairing and seats back in place, all the while chatting bout bikes (turns out he lives just round the corner from me and rides an FZ1N).
    It almost make me feel guilty for not paying toll charges as a bike rider. Almost :p

  2. yeah the girlfriend's car broke down a while ago on citylink and the breakdown guy that came to give us a hand was very helpful. gave us a push and checked over the car and called a tow for us. friendly guy, and a good chat while we were waiting for the truck
  3. I always imagined if I had the bike breakdown on the Citylink, they'd come with their bulldozer and 'give me a push' along the tarmac till the draggin's wore through. A sort of lesson for us 'toll evaders' :LOL:

    But that was nice to hear heffa. +1 to Citylink