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Proposed Scooter Race Series Sat Night Oct 08 Willowbank QLD

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by rpmorrell, May 27, 2008.

  1. I will be liaising with http://www.motorcyclesportsmen.com.au/ for info concerning the next Scooter Race Series which should be held on Saturday nights starting roughly October 08 or so.
    The racing night wll probably have other types of races, eg motards, & monolites etc.....but don't know exactly what, yet.

    I'm hoping for some feedback from prospective competitors about how we envisage the racing.

    As far as I know it'll be a "compact" schedule for each racing night to so that the use of ambos & flaggies etc are optimised.

    I'm thinking it'll take the form of the previous Youngstar Series whereby we had five 5-lap races per round. Guessing it'll be quick changover from respective races, i.e. other non-scoot racers, when they have their race they have to get out there pronto to optimise the night & cram everything in.
    Anyways, it's early days.

    Email me at rpmorrell at yahoo.com if you've got any inclination to race & any thoughts, questions or suggestions about how the racing could happen.

    There's also Track Nights/Days listed from http://www.motorcyclesportsmen.com.au/

    If you've never done a Track Session on your scoot then you ought to!
    Awsome good fun.
    Great way to learn about your bike & yourself: the irks, quirks & smirks on a 1K track in a safe environment.

    2 Supermoto/Jnr Road/Scooter/250 Practice
    21 Supermoto/Jnr Road/Scooter/250 Practice

    7 Supermoto/Jnr Road/Scooter/250 Practice

    4 Supermoto/Jnr Road/Scooter/250 Practice
    30 Supermoto/Jnr Road/Scooter/250 Practice

    1 Supermoto/Jnr Road/Scooter/250 Practice
    27 Supermoto/Jnr Road/Scooter/250 Practice
    6 Supermoto/Jnr Road/Scooter/250 Practice
    24 Supermoto/Jnr Road/Scooter/250 Practice

    3 Supermoto/Jnr Road/Scooter/250 Practice
    29 Supermoto/Jnr Road/Scooter/250 Practice

    Rob :wink:
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    Cool Vid. Good music choice.
    Is that one of those ATC2K cams? http://www.cameraaction.com.au/call1300-303-191/products.asp?sku=184099

    What's the weight of the bikes generally? Do they vary much compared to a cheaply equipped bike?

    I've got one of those cams & recorded sound ok.
    My bike is a ported 70 with oem 17.5mm carbi. Weighs 80Kg.
    1st 3 mins I'm following my Mrs on the Monza 50, & then I try to keep up with Jason on his verrry fast 70....think he laps at 1:08 or less.

    Rob :wink:
  4. The cam is a vholdr.

    Weight is anywhere from 100kg to over 150kg for more street oriented bikes. Cost doesn't factor in though, just what bike you started with, not many bother with getting weight down, eating less pies is cheaper than titanium and CF!

    Well anyway, +1 on getting out there and giving it a go. It's cheap racing and even cheaper practice.
  5. LOL yeah, agreed. :LOL:

    The motards grunt out quite a bit of power. Impressive.

    One of the monolites (or whatever it was) weighed about 60 something Kg's.

    The diversity of bikes out there on that 1K track is pretty interesting.
    Alot of those younguns in the Youngstars Series were like seasoned pros with their track craft.
  6. I put the stopwatch on one kid out there and he was sneaking the odd 56 second lap in with 80cc's. That's what I do with 70hp. :LOL:
  7. Great news Rob, Are the scooter sessions going to be scooter only or mixed with the junior road race?

    Scooters only according to the numbers interested so far.

    Fields will be limited to 20, & anymore will race in a separate category, e.g. if there are, say, thirty 50ccers then they'll possibly be split up according to their lap times or whatever.

    Rob :wink:
  8. Arrrgh this rain is making me stir crazy! :p
    Got no garage or space that I can work on the bike to get it ready for the Track Nights at Ipswich Kart Track.
    Waiting for the good weather. :grin:

    Any newbies interested in having a ride either give the sporties a call
    ( http://www.motorcyclesportsmen.com.au/ ) or drop a line here.
    Can fill you in on requirements.

    The Scooter Race Series later this year should be ripper with the number of enquiries so far. It's planned to have a 50cc category & another of 50cc - 250cc .
    Pic: Rob & Craig by www.osella.com.au
  9. Looks like great fun!
  10. [​IMG]

    I'm thinking to run my own Series Awards apart from the Sporties' Awards, & ask for ideas.

    How about Brightest Outfit / Bike ?
  11. How about an award for most interesting geared bike? :cool:
    Don't forget the Track Night this Sat night June 21st at Willowbank for Scooter, Supermoto, Jnr Rd & 250.