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proposed ride Fri 16th Feb - Bris

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BalmyBrowny, Feb 4, 2007.

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  1. hey all.. i've got a day in leiu up on fri 16th so wanting to go for a nice ride as i'll be gf and son free for that day :D jsut found out today so wanting to give plenty of notice to hopefully get a few going :) looking to go to either Mt Mee or Mt Glorious as i've never done these.... (sad i know after having my bike for 10 months) but am more than willing to ride someone elses fave roads too :) just looking to get out and ride with someone and meet a few of you :)

  2. hey there bb, not sure that i can get that friday off - got to see what pans out at work - and not too sure i'm really ready for mt glorius as yet either.....

    i've done mt mee once - and maybe a time or two more before then - so that might be doable for me if i can make it.

    but if i can make it, and people are prepared to be kind to a novice newbie then i would be interested....

    btw - watcha doin today? there's a couple of us headin off from nth brissie sometime later this morning - i have to ride to redcliffe and someone else is planning on comin with me to keep an eye on me.....

    pm me if u like.......
  3. would of absolutely loved that kez... but sunday mornings are my mornings with my boy :) we have swimming pratcie :) is why mondays are usually best for me to ride... and days in lieu like the one coming up.... i'm still a newbie too so dont worry.... i'm not out to ride 10/10ths... jsut out to enjoy.. mayeb get a few nice long leans but just to enjoy the ride really :) hope your ride went well today kezza!!!
  4. the ride wasn't the best unfortunately.....but still......the story belongs to someone else so i'll wait to see what he says.....
  5. Hey BB,

    I'll be in for Friday! I've got that day off too. I'm only a real newbie, so I'll be quite slllooooowwwww. As long as you don't mind pulling over every so often so I can catch up, I'd love to meet up!

  6. just read your story ward... sorry to hear mate :( glad to hear you are ok though... maybe time for a new bike to lap people on now hey??? :)

    hey mark... nice one :) dont ever worry about being newbie :) won't be any waiting... will ride together :) woot... am excited now.. we got at least 1 person now :)
  7. and i'll still see what i'm up to. there's a few people organising a ride with me again next weekend (surprised to see that people are still game after today's effort)......

    so i'll keep the 16th in mind - might be just about ready for a day off work and a gentle ride........

    i'll let u know.
  8. Be VERY careful on glorious... it isn't a newbie friendly road..

    and watch out for the leaves all over the road in some sections, if you stray outside the wheel tracks it might get nasty..

    Mt Mee is much nicer

    And I'll be at work :)
  9. thanks for the heads up on glorious tanya.... Mt Mee sounds like a better option then so is more friendly ride for more people to come :) pity you are working tanya... but is why i let everyone know as soon as i could :) just in case some arent working as i normally do on fridays too....
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