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Proposed new regulations for young drivers in Victoria

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jd, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. http://www.arrivealive.vic.gov.au/forms/ydsafety_1_form.php

    Looks like the Victorian Government is set to change the regulations surrounding young drivers on the road. The paper is not clear how these restrictions will apply to riders, although it does seem like the changes will at least affect all p-platers (extended probationary period and the introduction of "anti-hoon" laws resulting in vehicle confiscation). The proposed changes include:
    # Extending the minimum Learner period from six to 12 months
    # Requiring learners to complete a minimum of 120 hours supervised driving practice
    # Introducing a new and more restricted one year P1 licence and encouraging P1 drivers to restrict driving late at night or with multiple passengers
    # Introducing a three year P2 licence
    # Requiring young drivers to have a good driving record in order to progress through licensing stages from P1 to P2 to Full Licence
    # Banning mobile phone use of any kind for all Learner and P1 drivers
    # Introducing alcohol ignition interlocks for drink driving offenders on a P licence, or aged under 25 years with a BAC of .05 or greater, for a minimum of six months

  2. I support them all.

    This one is a must and should include every Drink Driver:
    # Introducing alcohol ignition interlocks for drink driving offenders on a P licence, or aged under 25 years with a BAC of .05 or greater, for a minimum of six months

    I still see that cars parked on the edge of the freeway after a booze bus the night before, and not 1 or 2 cars either, sometimes as many as 20.
  3. when they get tough on grandma's and grandpa's who have no clue about what's going on around them, don't have the vision to see anyway or the reflexs to react to situation x then i'll support them going nuts at younger drivers.

    thank-god i'm off my P's.
  4. Unfair and wrong, sly.

    WHEN the grandpas and grandmas get to the stage or representing the percentage of the road toll that young and "P" plate drivers do, maybe, but not until then...

    An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure. If we don't so something about the young guys and girls who are writing themselves off with regularity we won't HAVE any grandpas and grandmas in 20 years or so!!! (well, sorta). You get my point anyway.
  5. They need to ENFORCE the regulations for it to work. We have a current law that states that P platers can't go around driving certain cars over the power-weight ratio yet some idiot last night driving a high powered WRX went on the wrong side of the road and seriously injured 2 people. I see lots of high powered cars that are driven by P platers. Yet the cops just ignore them and start chasing the granny who's doing 5kph over the limit :?
  6. :x they better keep that stupid shit down there
  7. am i right in thinking that this will apply to bikes as well as cars?
  8. The proposal doesn't specifically mention bikes though it does refer to p-platers as both drivers and riders. I'm guessing that the p-plate restrictions will probably apply to riders without a full car licence but I don't know if there'd be any changes to l-platers (could be an increase in minimum time though). Incidentally the Government is inviting public opinion on this before it's implemented, see the weblink at the start of this post
  9. there are different issues facing elderly drivers than young drivers. elderly drivers don't kill themselves because they drive at 40km/h in a 60 zone. while they're not killing themselves, that doesn't mean they're safe or adequatly skilled road users. how many times have you seen an old driver and made allowances for their unpredictable nature and lower awareness/skill level behind the wheel?

    is it fair that you have to make these concessions?

    why does society accept one age demographic that has piss-poor driving ability (sometimes, not always) and come down hard on another. because as an aging population oldies get the majority of the vote, and won't be voting anyone in with ideas on reviewing licencing for all road users, not just the under 25's.
  10. I'm with slyfox - if nothing else, some older drivers add to the already high levels of road rage present in Victoria. And I don't approve of their all to common bumper-parking methods either. :p

    Still, the alcohol interlock is a good idea, as is the 120 hours of practice. Increasing the P's time to four years total, however, is just crazy. Why not just leave everyone on P's permanently? :p
  11. Don't worry too much about new rules, remember if the cops can't enforce the ones we have now then whats a few more unenforced laws between friends.

    On a more serious note: We do Road Accident Prevention programs RAP at schools. The stats say that at least one kid in that class is going to be dead in an MVA within 12 months. Kind of sobering thought really.

    Oldies towing caravans scare the crap out of me, rwell anyone towing a caravan really Those things are more dangerous than an 18yo with an ss commodore, ok well there about the same (bloody dangerous)
  12. Been saying this myself for a long while on many subjects.
    AND, if the cops DO enforce the laws, magustrates like as not will not prosecute anyway. How many idiots have had their licences suspended for driving under the influence, while driving under suspension, for driving under the influence etc etc, lately??? The courts make a mockery of the laws, that's why police are loath to bring matters on.
  13. Sorry, I won't buy it.

    Your generalisations based on an infinetismal sample that older drivers have less driving skills is absolute nonsense. In fact, the opposite applies. In most cases, their years of driving experience has given them a huge skill base from which to work, and that is why, as I said in my last post, they are so underrepresented in the accident statistics.

    They have got to be good drivers from driving vastly inferior vehicles to those that are available today on vastly poorer roads than what we drive on today and in a multitude of driving conditions. All things that the average young driver simply cannot claim.

    I believe that, once drivers reaches a certain age they should be subject to re-testing to ensure that they are staying up with the flow, so to speak, but the knee-jerk reaction to the proposed regulations that is being exhibited here this afternoon flies in the face off all the statistics and, I might add, good sense.

    The aim of the regulaitons is to reduce road trauma by better controlling some of the variable factors. The facts are that, whether we like it or not, younger drivers/riders are grossly over-represented in accident statistics and therefore MUST be the first target of any proposed regulations to achieve this reduction.

    *gets down off soap box*
  14. Ass out of u and me? :wink:
  15. I agree, when you look at the data in the report it's quite distrubing to realise that road crashes are the single biggest cause of death amongst 15-24 year olds in this country and that P-platers are 3 times more likely to be involved in a crash than experienced drivers.
    Edit: Also interesting to note that the number of accidents involving L-platers is extremely low which would seem to suggest that the current licence testing is inadequate.
  16. You wouldn't be holding this view because you might not be too far away from reaching that group yourself are ya mate...

    heheheh sorry just kidding RC, just kidding :wink: :D
  17. Yeh I am aware that I am leaving myself open for that. Thanks for the subtle reminder (as if I needed it)!!!


    I do hope that, when the time comes that I know I can't cut it any more, I'll have the good sense to go and hand my licence in...and, no, that WON'T be next week!
  18. Proposed new regulations for elderly drivers:

    - Must drive 1968 Toyota Crown
    - No driving at night time, must be in bowling whites in the day time
    - Restricted to 10km trips, but can be longer if cucumber sandwiches are brought along
    - Are to read all speed limit signs upside down
    - Must observe road through gap between steering wheel and dash
    - Must indicate a left turn when travelling straight
  19. don't forget all lane merges and U-turns are to be preferably pulled infront of moving semis.

  20. again, these are quite misleading. shows the likelihood of death in an accident, not amount or cause.

    simple hypothesis:
    old people have weaker bodies especially 65+ and will therefore be far more likely to die from their injuries than young people. (given similar accidents)
    also , 65+ means there are possibly more people in that bracket. since the others only have 10 yr spans..