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VIC Proposed Changes to Club Permits

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by cjvfr, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. Proposed changes to club permits
    The club permit scheme (CPS) is a log book based permit scheme that allows motoring enthusiasts to enjoy limited road use of historic vehicles (over 25 years old) which comply with relevant standards.

    VicRoads was approached by a number of stakeholders and clubs who indicated that the current requirements for acceptance of vehicles onto the CPS are unclear, particularly with regard to modified vehicles.

    In response, VicRoads has held meetings with organizations representing a broad cross-section of the vehicle enthusiasts clubs and other stakeholders to discuss issues and collaboratively develop practical solutions in areas including, vehicle eligibility, acceptable modifications, vehicle inspection requirements and administrative arrangements.

    As a result of those discussions, agreement has been reached between the representative associations and VicRoads, supported by Victoria Police, on the following proposed changes to the CPS:

    • Applications for CPS permits, including for re-entry onto the club permit scheme but not renewals, for vehicles built from 1 January 1931 (other than street rods), to be supported by a current certificate of roadworthiness.
    • CPS permit applications for vehicles manufactured up to 31 December 1930 will continue to require a vehicle safety inspection and safety declaration by the club authorised person, or alternatively, a current certificate of roadworthiness. A Safety Inspection Checklist has been developed as a guideline to assist clubs.
    • Recognised clubs to maintain dated photographs of vehicles seeking admission or re-admission to the scheme.
    • A new permit classification for modified club permit vehicles (other than street rods), which will be identified with distinctive ‘M’ number plates
    • Introduction of new vehicle guidelines for modifications to vehicles operated under the CPS (Guidelines for Modifications to Vehicles Operated under Victoria’s Club Permit Scheme – VSI33) for assessing modifications to club permit vehicles (other than street rods).
    • Requirement for certification by a member of VicRoads’ Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme for any modifications outside of those (owner certified modifications) allowed by VSI33.
    Further details of the changes have been mailed to all clubs recognised by VicRoads.

    The objectives of the proposed changes are:

    • To ensure that the scheme continues to align with road safety objectives.
    • To introduce clearer vehicle modification guidelines for vehicles operating under the CPS and improve inspection and identification requirements for modified vehicles.
    • To ensure that the integrity of the scheme is maintained and continue to make participation in the CPS an enjoyable experience for all users.
    Whilst the proposed changes have been developed in collaboration with representative associations, VicRoads is seeking feedback on the proposed changes to the scheme from all CPS clubs.

    Your club’s feedback can be provided up until 10 October 2014.

    By email to: CPSconsult@roads.vic.gov.au or

    By mail to: Club Permit Scheme Consultation
    Registration & Licensing Practice and Standards
    VicRoads 60 Denmark Street KEW VIC 3101

    VicRoads will consider feedback received from clubs. Any significant concerns will be discussed with the representative associations to ensure any changes meet the objectives described above.

    Vic Roads Site Release of Above Text
  2. The fun police are at it again.....:banghead::banghead::banghead:

    Consider amongst the many implications of these proposals the ramifications of current RW compliance and the song and dance that is aftermarket exhausts before describing these proposals as reasonable....
  3. yeah, well... it was a system open to abuse. Club scrutineers needed no qualifications previously to allow a vehicle onto the permit scheme. All it really means is you now need a roadworthy to get a club permit on a standard vehicle, and a more rigorous scrutiny of a modified vehicle.
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    NSW you can't have modified vehicles on "Historic" rego :( only period accessories...
    if we got those proposed changes.. we'd be cheering :D
  5. As the owner of a vehicle on club plates I don't have a problem with those changes