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Proposal to close Albert Park

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pvda, Jul 23, 2005.

  1. That got your attention, didn't it :p

    Seriously, Bicycle Victoria has proposed in an article in todays Herald Sun to close all or part of the road around Albert Park lake each Sunday to create a family friendly riding area.

    Strangely enough I actually agree with them on this one and it got me thinking.

    Why not close sections of the GO Road or some of the other great roads out there for those car and bike users to have a fang without worrying about Sunday drivers getting in the way \:D/

    Wishful thinking as the first day they try it some rider or ricer driver will come unstuck and spoil it for all of us :roll:
  2. But only ....

    ..... if a car or motorcycle had an accident. You can bet any number of bicycle accidents in Albert Park will only result in the expenditure of yet more tax-payer's dollars to make things "safer" for these darlings of the green nazis.....
  3. You are a seriously devious person!!!
  4. Re: But only ....

    I see in the papers over the weekend that they're talking about making a clearway along the beachfront because some of the feral hordes that ride their bicycles there at the weekend don't look where they're going and run into parked cars... :?

    The cops were saying that even when they pull alongside the pacjk and tell them to pull over they just get ignored.

    On the bright side - IF they get booked for traffic offenses and have a licence theyare considering taking points off the licence for bicycle offenses. :LOL:
  5. Sure did, I live there. If they closed it how would I get home :shock:
  6. Run all them peddle pushers off the road, I say!
  7. How can you book a bloke on a treadly. It’s not like they passed a test to get the right to ride out there. What ya gonna book them with?

    With the Beach Rd (Melb) cyclists: The ‘Hell ride’ usually amasses up to 50/70 riders sometimes & go through red lights & swamp the whole road (both directions). Mostly an early morning sight over the weekends, some motorists nowadays don’t give way anymore & beep/push their way through/past.

    Cyclists hitting parked cars usually happens when either motorists don’t leave a gap or the cyclist is at the back of a pack & not paying attention.

    Motorists generally believe that cyclist have to occupie the extreme left (gutter) of the road. That means they feel its OK to pass them in the same lane. This causes a lot of grief for cyclists, & still does today.

    Running red lights to a cyclist is like speeding to a majority of motorbike riders.
  8. Re: But only ....

    have you ever seen these guys...?
    they call themselves the Hellriders or something like that...
    I have seen them..up to 50 or 60 travelling at least 50kmh
    and they dont stop for anyone..police joggers dogs
    or redlights :evil:
    they ride in a pack 4 or more across taking up 2 lanes
    so its no wonder they have problems with (legally) parked cars

    and how do you book a bike rider
    who has no licence or ID on him...?
    and thats after you use the Special Ops group to stop them :shock:

    if we (us bikers) did what they did..in terms of disobeying the road rules
    there would be hell to pay
    even more so if we treated Beach Rd as a race track
    as they do!

    I am sure there will be more bleating by the Bicycle groups
    about this, but the police/pollies need to be serious

    my 2c


    and a confession, i ride my pushie along Beach rd too
    but I obey the road rules
  9. nice thought
    I would LUV to do Kinglake St Andrews Healesville Marysville
    Reefton Spur without worrying about cars.
    keeping to the speed limit ...of course
    yeah baby :p
  10. Take the points of their car/motorcycle/truck licences is the plan.

    A mate of mine who's a rabid cyclist participates in these runs. He's a member of a rider club called "Bay City Riders" or something similar. A heap of them ride in from around Carrum to the City then back again on Sat/Sun mornings. The last bit's usually a mad sprint for the finish. They're equiped with the usual cycle computers, all kitted out and have blood pressure/heart rate monitors connected up, etc.

    This received a bit of coverage on Neil Mitchell's program on 3AW today, as well as letters to the editors of the two papers. One theme that seems to be emerging is that of the attitudes of the more extreme types of a god-given-right to ride unfettered on the roads. A Critical Mass fellow rang in to speak on Mitchell's show and he got a bollocking off the announcer. There's also the line that some cyclists are pushing that car drivers are "selfish" for using the roads in their cars and that cycling should be made more "attractive" to non-cyclists. I took it that he'd love to see cars and bikes taxed off the roads.

    Thing is, while someone asked how many riders have hurt car drivers when running red lights, the point should have been put as to how many cyclists have been flattened by said car drivers while they (car drivers) assumed that they had right of way while travelling through the intersection on a green.
  11. Re: But only ....

    That would be what the cops are issued withthose big sticks for. Stop ahead of them, tell them to pull over, if they don't extend your left arm out with the stick in front and a WWE style clothes line will result in a Tour De France style pile up :LOL:

    Do that a few times and they'll soon learn to listen.................
  12. Further about cyclists...
    Coming in along Lygon St this morning I come up past the line of cars to turn left into Vic parade. THere's a cyclist well back so I make sure I do the right thing, move well over to the left to give him room to get by.

    The prick squeezed through between me and the gutter and propped himself right in front of me and prevented me from turning on the green arrow. (straight ahead was red) . I gave him a blast on the horn - got two fingers back and he took off across on the red... :roll:
  13. Ok as a recreational cyclist/motorcyclist/car driver/truck driver/forklift licence holder. (whew deep breath in)
    I ride beach rd on occassion and do so at a fair clip, not as fast as the real quick boys and girls but fast enough.
    I will stop at all red lights and give way signs to make sure I am not going to get cleaned up by other road users. I ride for fitness and fun. The guys who do the fast rides are normally up earlier in the morning than other people and the traffic is much less, this however does not mean I condone their actions and to be perfectly honest I think they are being silly doing some of the things they do. I will even give a mouthful to someone who goes past me through a red light.
    I also do a ride along swan st/riversdale rd on my home from work some nights. Now I have a very good set of lights plus two very bright and visible rear lights and I wear a roadworker vest over the top of my back pack and clothing which has reflective tabs on it. The amount of vehicles that do not do me the common courtesy of leaving enough room to proceed safely is amazing. By law you are meant to give a cyclist 1 metre of space around them. More than once I have had my elbows knocked by a mirror. Just because someone does not want to wait 2 or 3 seconds for a little clear space to go past.
    Someone posted that they got a rude gesture from the cyclist in a turn lane. That gesture has set the cause back too far. There are a lot of cyclists out there who make it hard for the remainder.
    I think this rant has gone on far enough now.
    Just one last thing.
    We all have to share the same road whatever we chose as a form of transport. We have to work together to make it better for all users. Just think if we are not carefull then all vehicles will be banned from certain parts of towns in the future and we will all be walking.

  14. You awake yet Coco? He loves these threads :LOL: .

    Yeah, bunch of push-bikie scum. I'm sure there is a way to tax these road lice if we just think hard enough :wink: .

    They can be annoying, but so are cars, other bikes, trucks, fat kids and cutesy cards of babies with big soppy eyes.

  15. Although Jake was tongue in cheek with his comments re taxing bicycles, a system of registration may have to be in order. However there are problems with this. What about kids. Who is responsible for them, the parents, if so how many of them will say I do not want to pay for this so no bike for you and then watch all the fatties start lumping up.

    This has been bandied around for ages, even from Bicycle Victoria as well. I do not know where it will go or even how. This however will not stop me from enjoying my two wheeled freedom (what ever choice of vehicle I make)

    :D :D :D :D
  16. Here's a wacky thought - make the registration FREE! So it is for the purpose of better traffic control/monitoring rather than revenue raising. Bet THAT idea never occured to a pollie.
  17. Smart. Very smart.
    (glad I thought of it a couple of months ago :wink: )
  18. Don't always blame the pollies - they usually just go with suggestions from their departments...

    I'm sure that someone in VicRoads has suggested it (probably cut their career short because of it too :LOL: :LOL: )

    I can imagine the response from the upper levels of VicRoads bureaucracy "What - you mean do something for free!!!"