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Proposal: Netrider House for PI Moto GP

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by edgelett, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. OK guys, I've called the visitor centre & it's already pretty heavily booked out.

    so I'm trying to sort out accomodation for me & the BF when we come to PI this October.

    What i'd like to know is, who would be interested in sharing a house with us? i.e if we can get a house with accomodation for 4 people, would anyone else be interested in coming? cause it might be cheaper that way.

    we'll be there from the Friday to the Sunday night (or Monday Morning)

    register your interest here!
  2. Only 4 people? I suspect you'd be able to con a few people into a larger house.
  3. Im interested in going down to PI for the GP.
    I havent yet looked into anything with any detail, I probably should tho.
    Im pretty sure things would book out fast.

    I want to ride down, are you riding? Or?
    Definitely will be myself, and my GF going (she will be driving tho) and possibly my best mate.
  4. i've looked into several houses
    there are ones that fit 10-16 people
    I'm just putting out feelers at this stage to see who's interested
    obviously if we get 12 people interested, i'll organise a house for 12 people.
  5. my boyfriend & I are going to be riding up from Adelaide.
    we're going the long way down the GOR for a few days before we get to PI

    Plan is - arrive Thursday & stay thurs night - monday morning then go to Melbourne.
    so we'll be booking the place for 4 nights.

    so far places I've looked at have a minimum of 3 double beds, so there's plenty of room for couples & singles.

    however we need to book soon if we're going to get a big place to share!
  6. True... I wanted to ride back upto Sydeny via the GOR.
    Where abouts in Melbourne are the places you've been looking at?
    Yeah, we would have to find out exactly how many are interested and get serious about booking a place if this is the go.
  7. we're not looking at places in Melbourne
    I've been looking at places on Phillip Island
  8. My bad :oops:

    For some reason, I just assumed it'd be somewhere in Melbourne close to the island...
  9. so does that mean you're not interested in staying on the island?
  10. Im still interested :)
  11. cool - well that makes 4 people, hopefully over the next 2 weeks we get more response & I can start to organise which house we're staying at!
  12. Sounds good to me... Perhaps I should start having a look for myself also, see what I can come up with... then we can put our findings together.
  13. is anyone else interested in this? cause I need to book soon
  14. I might be a goer for this one.

    I've told told in no uncertain terms "YOUR WORKING THIS YEAR" as I managed to get out of it last year when I hurt my shoulder.

    No unless that shoulder gets sore the day before the race, then I'll be getting paid to be there, unless of course johnnyO replies to my message :grin:

    I'll most likely be looking for somewhere to sleep :)
  15. A house for the GP…….what’s wrong with you all….camping trackside IS the only way to do it…shesh I just don’t get you people some of the time (And make that double for you South Australian scum)

    Next thing you will tell me is your going there JUST for the bikes…what’s the world coming too
  16. The ferrals will camp, the real people will house/motel it :grin:
  17. so i will see you trackside this year?
  18. mate I'd love to camp
    but we're travelling from adelaide to PI, then on to melbourne for a few days, with only one bike with a gear rack. so we need to fit a weeks worth of clothes for two people into a gear rack & a backpack

    just can't fit any camp gear!

    Plus we only have a double swag..might be hard to carry on a bike.

    Vic, I'll stick you in my list of possible people, is it just you or you & a missus?
  19. October is a long way off, you never know you may be able to convince some one a little closer to lend you camping stuff. There are a few cars with trailers going to the trackside camping grounds as they do every year!

    It could always be a good plan B if you don’t end up getting a house OR you realy would like to Experience the best way to be at the GP :grin: :LOL:

  20. pppftttt, sif :p