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Property developers?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Paulstar3, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. Anyone here develop residential property?

    I've been doing some research lately about subdivisions / putting duplex up etc but the costs are not really transparent. Does anyone here regularly do this or have done this beforE? care to share your experience?

    I could ask on a property forum but those people give such sketchy answers I might just have better luck from some switched on motorcycle riders 8-[

  2. "Those people"? Don't you mean...the knowledgeable people who I hope to emulate? ;)

    I personally haven't done anything of the sort as yet so can't comment otherwise.
  3. Where are you located, this will give us some idea of costs etc. Each state/council area will have different requirements in relation to development approvals, application fees, building costs, blah blah blah
  4. Im in the middle of a construction degree - does that help you :)
  5. "property developers" are corrupt soulless opportunistic assholes by nature. screw anyone over to get what they want. if you become one and don't eventually end up in court, civil or otherwise you must actually have a soul.

  6. 8-[

    LOL! nice responses.

    Basically I guess i'm looking for a knowledgeable person or a consultant who can give me rock solid advice and direction, so far council and architects are not giving me the information i need. Both have agendas of their own I need someone independent. I'm not going out to buy the land, the land is already there (within family), and now that I'm working with better prospects for future employment as well I'm thinking to load up on some bank funds, develop and sell to help myself and the owners of the land get ahead a little. I just need some direction and such. Sigh...might even have to head over to the property forums ](*,)
  7. Sydney's illustrious western suburbs