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Properly checking the oil level on a GS500

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Xavier, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I am wondering how to properly check the oil level on my GS500.

    Here are many questions I have about that "simple" check:

    1. How do I need to position the bike? I know it needs to be levelled. Does that mean I can use the side-stand and/or the center-stand?
    2. Does the engine needs to be cold/warm/hot? If warm, how long should I let the engine run before I check? How does it affect the level? (is it lower/higher when cold?)
    3. When checking, shall I screw the dipstick in or just let it rest unscrewed? (I think I have read I should NOT screw it in but correct me if I'm wrong - does that depend on bike models?).

    Thanks for any help!

  2. 1) Put it on the centre stand. On the side stand the bike isn't level and the oil reading will be wrong.
    2) Warm up the engine and let it sit for ~10 min then check the level

    3) not to sure as i have only checked out with the glass.

    If you have the owners manual check that, it will tell you.
  3. 3. Just rest it, don't screw it in
  4. I would have thought that putting it on the centre stand would tilt the bike forward and maybe skew the reading as well? (better than tilting it on the side, but still).

    Just out of curiosity, how do you do it with bikes that don't have a centre stand?
  5. My guess would be to put a car jack under the left side to prop it up and it'll be level
  6. It will scew it a little, but trying to get a bike perfectly level is a pain unless you have 2 stands, or another way to hold it level on flat ground.

    There is a safe oil level range just have it within that, It doesn't have to be full to the brim, close to the top of your dipstick but not right on or over should be fine.
    Rear stand is how you do it without a centre stand like below.

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  7. I hate that the the speedy doesn't have an oil window (that and no helmet lock !).

    The manual for that says the oil
    Stick should Be screwed in all the way.

    How I check it.
    Bike on side stand
    Pull out dip and clean
    Put back in all the way
    Lift bike to level upright & hold A few Seconds.
    Put back on aide Stand.

    Check oil Stick.
  8. Here's a link for the GS500 wiki. Bottom of the page is a guide to checking the oil level.
  9. +1 with ROTFL..the bike needs to be off the centre stand,otherwise the 'nose down' position makes it look as though there is less oil than what here really is...I know this coz I had to check my GS500 manual to be sure last weekend.
  10. Thanks for the handy wiki link!

    However, I can read in the wiki:
    3. Place the dipstick into the opening so it rests gently on the screw threads, but don't screw it in.

    Now I'm confused, screw it or not screw it??

    Other than that, I like the suggestion of lifting the bike for a few secs or putting anything under the side-stand to level it.
  11. No screwing..wipe the dipstick and rest it in place,then take your reading,I do this while sitting on the bike.
  12. From my manual: