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Proof we were getting ripped off for years

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ktulu, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. America gets everything sooner than we do:

    - Movies.
    - Music.
    - TV shows.
    - Violent terrorist attacks...

    Why? Because they made it/own it, and decide they release it there first?

    While in the past one may be forgiven for figuring, "Oh there's some administration or dealing that has to occur for it to become available in Australia - so that's the reason for the delay & they're doing the best they can as quick as they can."

    Well, apparently the technical term for this reasoned delay is: "crap".

    Channel 7 announces they'll show Heroes and Prison Break the same day they air in the US.
    ... and their reasoning is beautiful...

    Heroes and Prison Break were among the most popular programs for downloaders and, if possible, would screen on the same day as the overseas telecasts. "There has been a thunderous demand online for this,"

    Hark! 'Tis the sound of a small segment of industry waking up to progress!
    Technology marches on - we don't need to wait 16 weeks, wade through ad breaks, have plot-lines of our favourite shows spoilt by online or media discussion; broadband allows an increasing number of Australians to say "Well screw that, I'll just download it." and do it.

    Availability is no longer ransomed, to the empowered: the inevitable release of such TV shows anyway, inhibits a perception of theft.
    Delays in releases were arbitrary and by design to suit the 'suits'.

    The 'viewers' Down Under will now get fairer treatment, and it didn't take anyone standing up to be counted, petitioning the Prime Minister, or going on a hunger-strike.
    People just did what they wanted. The side-effect was reduced control and power by tv stations - and now they scramble to win the viewers back [their source of money and thus, power] with things like Improved Service and Better Availability.

    Why wasn't it done years ago?
    Because consumers didn't have an alternative.
    It is the genus of competetive availability, Netridians. We are witnesses.
    It will only get better from here.

    Tyrannical underhanded pioneers of Digital Rights Media, the RIAA must change or crumble eventually - there is money to be made, just differently.
  2. But.... :? ..... this HAS been happening for years... ever since download managers and "Warez" sites have there been TV shows and Movies on the PC.
    Personally I don't watch that much TV, so I don't have the need to download TV shows, but only recently have these shows become even more accessible by the wonders of Torrents, and whole sites dedicated to TV shows, thus making it even easier to access your favorite programs.

    I still remember VCD's, REALLY poor quality, and often cinema-captured, movies sent down the wire, so you can burn it and play it in your home DVD player, in the days before widely available broadband, where cable was still the only form you had and payed premium for it.
    (Yes :oops: , i was around in the dial-up BBS days too... I even did a Yr10 communication project on them :LOL: )

    But you're right, not often did we get a release at the same time as the US, or even as EU for some reason, and yes, it was ALWAYS crap reasoning... "It takes 6 weeks to ship the reels over by boat on them high seas" :roll:

    David :)
  3. The American-Australian free trade agreement may have something to do with it also. Part of the agreement actually involved television shows from the US.
  4. Actually with regards to movies, for a while now we've been getting them occasionally BEFORE the US release dates, or at the same time, and also afterwards. All depends somewhat on what is viewed as the prime release time for whatever region - eg school holidays, summer versus winter release and so on.

    Take transformers for instance - US has to wait until July, whereas it opens here tomorrow. And for whatever reason occasionally the studios have deliberately chosen Australia as the premiere release location globally.

    As for tv - the ratings season in the US and Australia do not coincide, which is largely the reason for us waiting 6 months for a tv series already airing in the US.

    But yes, I agree with your sentiment :grin:
  5. Of course - you've been able to d/l shows and movies for years; but most of the time the quality was crap and there weren't enough people d/ling to have an impact.

    These days there are some people with good gear who take making these shows available to the world in high-quality, pretty seriously - and enough people are doing it for stations to start getting worried; which has brought about this change.

    Not so much for the technology [although it all happens faster] but for how it is used, embraced and effects change.
  6. It's interesting to see the rise of counterfeit and pirated products now. One of the biggest protections for government before was the border, now it's inhibiting them (mainly due to the internet having no borders!)
  7. The reason the shows are screened delayed is because they get cheaper the longer the delay.

    So to show Jericho at the same time as the US cost a fortune hence the extended Hiatus here...
  8. Well said Ktulu.
    I hate DRM, the RIAA, and TV broadcasters that show series out of sequence, and with repeats imbedded between new episodes, but. . .

    I was extremely surprised a while back when my sister-in-law bought a "Shrek the Third" DVD at a market before the film was even released in Australia. Cheap. How are film makers going to make enough money to support the continuation of their business, if practices like these keep happening? Maybe if they shot the middle man, didn't advertise except through the internet, and only provided (sold) the movie via download, then the economics of the business would make sense. :?:

    I look forward to the time when all TV programs and movies are available on demand from libraries for download and viewing, or streaming, at a reasonable price. I don't really want to store terabytes on TV shows at home. :roll:
  9. Not true. We always get the new days a few hours before they do.

  10. And the second season has been said it will definitly not be bought (at least by the people who aired the first, maybe CBS from memory?)

    I liked the pretense for it, watched it, reminded me waaaaaaaay too much of The Stand (i.e a rip off) and then the end got boooooooooring! My gf said she wouldn't watch the second series if she was paid to when we watched the end of the first.
  11. Yeah it started well but just wasn't very good. There will be 6 or 8 eps made next year to wind up the series.
  12. Yeah, that we kill off the local content regulations, so that the networks can just buy all the cheapo Septic shit that gets flogged to them, rather than give jobs to Aussie's and make shows here.
  13. but when producers do thins like the pirates of the carribian 2... i have very little simpathy!!!!

    they had a story line for one movie so they padded it out too two LONG movies and and cut it half with the precition of a comercial tv network... i left the second one sooo angry that i had paid $15 on half a movie that poorly writen that i vowed that i would not pay to see the second one.. and push that people pirate it...

    i dont usually publicly condone piracy, but in this case i doo

    ok i'll get off my soap box.

    *slumps in a corner*
  14. I dont agree with piracy and couterfeiting, but it does seem to have come as a result of the greed of the major companies. On one hand i say sucked in, but it's scary where money from counterfeiting goes to.
  15. all this is easy to say, and is said often, but so poorly researched...

    37% of people currently have broadband. what percentage of that will be prepared to pay online for movies 50%? 80?.
    so basically currently you wipe out 70% of your audience by only going online...

    but that will grow so don't worry...

    oh of course, since the internet is currently suffering attempts to reshape it into a tiered system, companies like telstra could suddenly own you and your glorious distribution system.

    and since you are providing online, you'll probably suffer from piracy too. maybe currenly less so than major labels because of the 'honour system" - that you were prepared to break from the norm. of course the novelty remains very briefly and soon you will be pirated.

    All this talk of evil producers making soo much money is laughable. Can you possibly imagine the risk involved with making a 20+million dollar film? what happens if you produce a flop? whose money did you lose?

    sure there are big studios that make big money (and lose big money) there have been huge flops - $200million losses, but there are small studios that make great films, but often no mainstream crowds watch those. so they lose out too.

    it is funny how easy it is to justify things by making a group a caractature of "evil corporation".

    don't get me wrong, companies have to adapt. Spending 3 billion dollars on drm that will obviously get broken is stupidity, but don't for a second believe that the internet will be a market place that will make real money, the kind that will allow studios to make the big budget films like matrix etc. (and have enough cash reserves to not go bankrupt if it flops)
  16. ..and what about all the stuff the rest of the world (or the US) gets that we don't even get a look at?

    I've seen the entire first season of "Dexter". How many people here have even heard of it? Up until recently, you couldnt' even get onto the Dexter website unless you were running through a US proxy.

  17. :applause: :applause: :applause:

    you went very close to ktuluing the ktulu, keep up the good work :grin:
  18. now how do we create the same groundswell of change to increase the ever-decreasing speed limits? :twisted:
  19. everybody reversed to work, just for a couple weeks.
    reversing of course in the correct lane, meaning you are going against the "normal" flow of traffic.....semilegally.

    if it didnt work, it would be pretty funny....... just sayin'
  20. The big collective "get fcuked" by people downloading the episodes has forced them off their perch... haha fcuk 'em!

    Now is there some other collective action we can do to get rid of the TV evangelists?