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proof that you don't need brains to drive a cab

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. Photo courtesy of The Age Online

  2. Um... it's Brissy and possibly Manly that has the water taxi's... BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Gooooooooooold!!
  3. Low clearance of 2.8 metres minus 1.4 metre of air equals 1.4 metres of water.

    You speak the truth.
  4. Yep. There are even depth indicators on the side of the bridge.

    Doesn't this happen every time it rains?

  5. Trouble is you can't see the water until you cross the lights. When you're accelerating to beat the amber you can't stop in time.....
  6. Then you are not driving to the conditions.
  7. I watched mythbusters the other day and it was demosntrating how hard it is to open the door a car once it is submerged due to pressure. Lucky the car wasn't deeper as the driver would have had trouble getting out. But surely you need to be aware when you're driving.
  8. Depends on which way he was going, the taxi looks more like it was coming from the market to me...

    Bloody hilarious!
  9. I saw another photo of that same taxi where the water level was far lower. I think he probably got stuck and abandoned the cab, and then the water kept rising.
  10. it's a taxi. nuf sed
  11. Used to work on that block, driving for the conditions (which includes road worthy car and watching the road) there is no way that should have been a problem unless someone rear ended him and shunted the taxi in.
  12. Hahaha, GOLD !!!
    Almost looks like he's trying to go 'stealth' and 'snorkel' his way around the copper, who's hunting down the cabbie :)
    Great pic, Vic !
  13. Whenever that bridge area gets flooded it's always a taxi that seems to be submerged.
  14. Ahhh, not my photo Nick, it was linked from the age spewspaper.

    I'll edit the OP to credit the pic.
  15. I drove under that bridge westbound on Saturday and noticed that except for the "2m" written at the top of the indicator, all the other numbers have been obliterated.

    Of course, faced with a sign that says 2.8m clearance and water half way up the side of the bridge, you would think some basic observational skills would suggest that proceeding under the bridge is not a good idea.
  16. I suspect he took his hands off the wheel to work out the depth of the water and ran straight in :LOL:

    There was another cab on Sunday night at the roundabout up the top of Elizabeth St who'd tangled with a tram. He was standing there looking very embarassed with several cops flanking him while the fire brigade put sand on the road to cover the oil.

    I've since heard that, in the best Melbourne cabbie tradition, the photo and name on his taxi permit didn't match the photo and name on his drivers licence. :)