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VIC Proof that Training Program Saves Lives - but get's Axed in Qld

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jdkarmch, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. This is something that I hope get's picked up down here in Vic. And that it get's raised in relation to the Maurice Blackburn media release that went out today.

    In 2010 the MRA(Vic) endorsed this campaign in a
    meeting in Geelong
    to John Thompson – Senior Manager – Road Safety & Marketing, Phil Reed – Executive Manager Community Relations and Janet Dore – Chief Executive Officer. We were rebuked that this commercial was not remembered as well as the TAC "The Ride" commercial therefore they did not consider it as successful. In a further meeting we were also told that they did not think it was appropriate to have motorsport heros lead their campaigns as this sent the wrong message. Even though the TAC sponsor the Formula 1 and Moto GPs.

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    I participated in two SMART rides via the GCCC - both excellent. Before they started, riders were dying and being seriously injured at a high rate in the GCCC hinterland as well as nearer the main strip. QTMR set up a coast-based rider safety group similar to its main Motorcycle Safety group. GCCC came on board with their training efforts supported by the HART team and it was a winner. I guessed it would only be a matter of time before budgetary considerations and priorities would have it axed. The program did great work for a few years and serves as an excellent model for any local authorities or state governments wanting to support rider training as one aspect of improving road safety stats. Congrats to everyone involved in the efforts that I am sure achieved excellent results. They should be very proud.
  3. Thanks for posting this. I have not heard of the programme before.
    I am surprised that funding came from the council, as I would have expected it to come from a State Government authority like DOT.

    The programme needs to be run on a national basis with Federal funding.
    It needs to be run in conjunction with car driver "education and tolerance toward motorbikes" programmes.

    How can we go about this?
  4. Something that I have suspected for many years, after having attended such a course while I was in the Army (in 1986 BTW), that rider training of this type actually does have a positive effect which results in fewer rider fatalities.

    This is the Smoking Gun that we have been looking for. Its proof of concept, and I think we need to get a movement going to press for national support for this type of advanced training.

    Mick Doohan - needs to be made the patron saint IMHO.

    For now - just spread the word and make sure every rider you know hears about this. Who knows what will happen if we get enough riders to pressure Govts to implement this.
  5. It's a damn shame it has been axed ... it was quite a decent course and I was intending to do more of the SMART levels this year if I ever got a weekend off work :(

    I'll be writing off to all the local bods at the various levels of the political food chain with remonstrations and pleadings ... but I don't expect any positive outcome, especially in the current fiscal climate that is enveloping us canetoads like the current weather :rolleyes:

    As for rider representation :whistle:... and you cockcroaches & Mexicans think you have problems ... :banghead:
  6. Shame this was axed. I was looking into it only the other week.
    There is also another trainer on the GC (can't remember his name) that does free group "training" rides outside of his normal business.
    Someone should take over from SMART and, if need be, charge $100 or more.

    I wonder if GC Council also axed the free sponsored Tai Chi lessons at Burleigh. That could also be seen as not part of their core business.
  7. Are you thinking of Toprider's 'Sunday School' thing??? I don't know anyone who has been on it but I can ask around if you like ... I have some contacts ;) ... Otherwise it will have to be our own efforts to either organise informal rides, or link in with some already operating, that suit those interested in improvement and give the opportunity for some critique / discussion of riding styles.
  8. Well obviously the lives of 18 riders per annum is not what they consider to be "core business". Interesting to see that the MRAQ hasn't posted this story. But I guess it's something that wouldn't be of interest to the UMCQ.
  9. I think it was the Toprider one. There were photos of a ride they took to Byron.
  10. Maybe it is the lives of 18 Brisbane ratepayers.
    It is a shame, but I'm not surprised that they don't consider it their core business.

    Time for Qld Transport to step up to the plate.
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  11. Although axing a program that has delivered measurable safety benefits is always reprehensible, I'm surprised that a municipal council stumped up money for this in the first place. Life or death is hardly high on their list of priorities.

    Need to find a new sponsor, and state government and/or insurance industry looks the most likely source. Both of which are in pretty battered condition in QLD right now...
  12. The GCCC covers an area of 1379 km2 and a road network of some 3118 km including some twisty bits, congested traffic and now they putting in a tram track. Prior to them taking it on they tried the nasty advertising method which did not work. There are other providers offering "Manage the Road" type courses but they are certainly more than $45 charged by the GCCC and you got a SMART shirt thrown in at no extra charge. Such is life.
  13. I was hoping to participate this year. It was only last year that I lent my helmet to a councillor so he could get a photo promoting the program, now its gone.
    No chance the state government will pick it up - they are cutting more costs that the council, the federal government is broke too.
    RACQ or a major insurer would be good candidates to pick it up, it would work as advertising for them also. I'm pretty sure that most riders wouldn't mind paying more than the previous asking price.