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Proof that they can be anywhere, anytime

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by goz, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. And sitting here typing this, i am still a stunned mullet on where they came from..

    To set the scene, i live on a cul-de-sac with no houses to my left, hardly any cars drive down this street


    Today was "Clean my garage" day, bout 3 years overdue (still not finished)
    So i grab my wifes car keys to get her car out of the garage, done that then go inside to grab my bike key to park it in the driveway, go in garage, get on bike, thought i would start it as it hasnt been started for a while, (i usualy role it out) start it up, ride it out onto the driveway, look up the street, quiet as usual, no cars to be seen, so me and my bright idea decide to turn the bike around on the street and park it on the driveway to face it forward, (not wearing a helmet) stop at the road, look around to see if there are any cars again, proceed onto road, turn around at cul de sac, when i fully turned around facing my house again theres a cop car parked in front of my house, WTF?, can see him lifting his hands saying "what are you doing" (was 2 detectives in a marked, no lights commodore) i put up my hand to say sorry, park the bike back up the driveway, walk to the car and said sorry, i know i farked up, i expecting the worse, BUT, with a smile on their faces, he says, just service her did ya, i said nah, mrs forcing me to clean the garage so i had to move her (bike) out, they laugh, he says, just when u expect for a split second that there will be no cops, well here we are, lol, i must admit, these 2 blokes where tops, had a good yarn for about 10 minutes, friggin funny i tell ya
  2. Phew ! How lucky are you ?! Top blokes, by the sound of it.
    If I had to choose a moral of the story ? Have the wife clean out the garage next time... (ducks from incoming female handbags) :D
    Love the drawing mate...
  3. heh i was only trying to be funny when i said the mrs forced me :D im building a mezzanine level in garage so had to clean it out anyway to give it a good gurney
  4. Need to use the toilet after the acid rush mate?
  5. detectives usually couldnt be half arsed to get into simple traffic violations especially fairly harmless one like yours. These guys are normally pretty cool and doesnt have the same power trip levels as the junior guys.

    Goz, you must have a drug lab in the area lol :)
  6. Not if that mezzanine level doesn't get finished!
  7. It is always the ones you DON'T see that spot you. Just shows that some are reasonable and lets face it there are those police members who ride too. They just may not mention it when on the group rides and everyone's having a good time. LOL
  8. the one that you don't see are the ones that get you, exactly

    they had bigger fish to fry than you, goz, otherwise you'd be posting up something very different :LOL:
  9. I find detectives to be pretty cool in general (unlike HWP), you'd have to really rub them up the wrong way to have them give you a traffic ticket.

    You probably blew their cover goz, while you were chatting to them your neighbors were frantically flushing stuff down the toilet haha
  10. Nah, Goz got used big time, these detectives used Goz to reinforce their friendly neighbor cover.
  11. Lol, yep there are many many good cops on the force, and for reasons not just that they let you of the hook (but that was tops)!

    And as for the cover thing, if goz can spot them as cops anyone else looking out their window can, so they weren't exactly going 'deep' lol
  12. Glad they were decent fellows. clearly they could see the reasonable side of life...this guy is just turning his bike around in a little no traffic culdesac. You'd have to be an utter prick of a person, to not be able to look the other way, for such a non-event as this.

    On the other hand, Goz!!!!, how could you mate!!?...no leathers, no helmet or gloves, no proper boots...I mean cheeses!, the shame!
    ...you are at risk of being - "beige-attacked"! LOL
  13. ROFLMAO...How do we know, Goz was'nt a decoy, setup on purpose to draw the cops out of cover....MMMMM??

  14. :D flame away people lol
  15. How could you do such a thing goz think of the kittens and how many youve killed by doing this.
    Glad to hear you got off but.
  16. Goz a decoy? yeah I can see that. In that case, good work Goz. May your meth lab prosper lol.
  17. Did they share their KrispyKreme donuts and Starbucks coffee with you ?
  18. :roll:
  19. Thats going overboard isnt it?

    They might lend you their gun and badge but good luck getting anywhere near their KK & S.....j/k!!!!!
  20. They were probably thinking this is a quite place. Perfect to split up the bust they just did. Maybe have a little taste. And you, you noddy come riding out of your house with no lid on. Scared the bejeesus out of them. No wonder they were nice.