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proof of taxi's hit rate on motorcycles

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. Considering the majority of motorcycle accidents are single-vehicle [rider just screwed up] - that means taxis make up a very significant number of the accidents where another vehicle is involved.
  2. "Latest figures from the CBD's busiest hospital emergency department reveals about one in five pedestrians involved in road accidents are being hit by cabs."

    So... four in five pedestrians were hit by cars that weren't cabs?
  3. I like how a higher percentage of admissions are pedestrian than motorbike...! ROFL!
  4. The remaining 83.7% have been hit by either Volvo's or Mercedes. :LOL:
  5. Perhaps the taxi directorate should have some undercover inspectors who ride in cabs. :wink:
  6. I wonder what their greenslip price is like.
  7. Amen.

  8. * --> "customers" ! :eek:
  9. And Subaru's.

    Subaru's are the Volvo's of the 21st century :LOL:
  10. possibly, this may be fairly skewed, as the taxi data involves only hospitalised patients. the single vehicle accident stats may come from insurance claims? i know for my claim, i was not hospitalised, but i was in a single vehicle accident.

    to be taking from two different demographics and comparing under the same results is rather conflicting.

    but as said at the start, i dont have the source for single vehicle accidents you mention, so i dont know if this is taken from insurance claims or simply hospitalised motorcyclists.
  11. there's only one way to be sure...

    direct all the taxi drivers off the pier and ensure none survive, wait a few months too collect data and reassess the figures... :grin:
  12. Had a taxi run up behind me while i was in my cage....

    I was turning right and saw groups of pedestrians on either side of the road so i adjusted my speed to account for drunks running across the road and.... the inevitable happened :roll: so i put on my brakes (heavy but not locking up because i factored this in), hit the horn and Bam I feel the car get hit! So we pull over to the side of the road as both vehicles still worked...

    The two pissheads kept running up the street and i briefly considered giving chase but then thought it wouldn't be worth it as i couldn't run too quick (foot was still stuffed from the recent sprain). So I decided to chat to the cabbie who looked nervous as hell so i saved him the earful but did mention that following so closely can be quite dangerous...

    The problem is these guys drive for hours on end and rush everywhere, how the hell is carnage not meant to follow???

    Ugh, society is full of drunkard buffoons and overzealous night workers... We're all going to hell in a handbasket :roll:
  13. For non injury crashes it's impossible to get numbers because they aren't usually reported.

    You can't compare NSW anyway. One thing that's known is that because you will aways be charged, single vehicle crashes are underreported in NSW - even injury ones. And insurance figures are only good for crashes where there's been a comprehensive insurance claim.

    In Victoria all injury crash stats are pretty accurate because they are reported through the TAC which gives you a central point for keeping motor vehicle injury stats ( even minor injuries).

    AFIK there's no reliable stats for Victoria to say how many crashes have been taxis.
  14. I think that the statistic to take away from this article is the following:

    Study author Dr Steven Faux, director of the rehabilitation unit at St Vincent's Hospital, said 48 per cent of road accident victims were pedestrians, 23 per cent were motorcyclists...

    Which means you are more than twice as likely to end up in hospital if you go by foot compared to taking the motorbike.

    I can't wait to start using that when people look at me like I'm crazy for riding a motorbike.
  15. Taxi's cover more kilometres than pretty much anything else on the road so of course they will show up on the accident stats.

    I do have a theory that every crash on the Tulla Freeway will always involve at least one taxi and so far in 5 years of daily comuting to & from the CBD I haven't been proved wrong once :LOL:
  16. Absolute versus relative comparison can often lead people astray. There are way more pedestrians than there are motorcyclists. So that statistic does not indicate whether pedestrians were OVER REPRESENTED in hospitals. There are more than twice as many peds as motorcyclist, so sorry, motorcyclists are over represented. If you quote these stats, they will support an argument that going by foot is much safer.

    And what percentage of the kilometres travelled in the CBD are done by taxis? If is around 16-17% than that means taxi drivers are at no greater risk of hitting people than any other cars. Eg if 25% of kays on the road in the CBD are done by taxis, you are comparatively more safe riding near a taxi than near a non taxi. And as mentioned, if you get hit by a car, there is a greater than 80% chance that it won't be a taxi, regardless of which ones drive more dangerously.

    Unfortunately journos don't know enough about stats to realise that what they report is virtually meaningless as they provide nowhere near enough info to correctly draw an appropriate conclusion.
  17. LOL! That is exactly what I'm counting on. :) For once it works in our favour, and believe me I am going to use that.

    Sadly true. I had a conversation with a journo last week about exactly that. Her argument was that they don't have time to go into all of the stats. This in the context of her telling me that 2 more motorcycle deaths than the same time last year represented some kind of worrying trend... and me explaining why it was not a statistically significant variation.
  18. Yeah, like they give a shit. Been there - argued that. Response was - "We don't condone illegal behaviour, but cabs have to make a living". I was gobsmacked!
  19. Except perhaps Trucks and courier vehicles. Because of the long hours involved in Taxi driving, I'd like to see them have a log book system implemented like in TFMS.