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Proof ! - How Riders park in Syd ! or . . Typical Scooter !!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, May 28, 2006.

  1. I had my rant before about riders who can't park properly !!
    Here is one on a nice sunny winter afternoon at Manly today !! :mad:

    Is it riders in Syd in general or can I pick on Scooter riders ? :LOL:

    You can fit a couple of Triumph Rocket III's in there !
    I risked getting reversed on by that tradie with the Express van because the owner of the Bug Expresso thinks its a car and parks parallel ! !!


    Anyway, for the record, the scooter rider was a chic ! :p
  2. Re: Proof ! - How Riders park in Syd ! or . . Typical Scoote

    So... Get her number, and say you will forgive her for... Ummm favours... For parking stupid :p If not... Just kick it over and leave a not saying your sorry... or not sorry whichever is preferable... You carry a camera everywhere for moments like these don't you? :LOL:
  3. Re: Proof ! - How Riders park in Syd ! or . . Typical Scoote

    yep, good old SonyEricsson !

    Going to take photos of poxxy-parkers from now on ! :eek:

    So Sydney poxxy-parkers !! WHAT OUT !! :grin:
    I'm not bluring out numberplates either ! :p
  4. Re: Proof ! - How Riders park in Syd ! or . . Typical Scoote

    That just reminded me of the Top Gear episode recently where Jeremy Clarkson decided to do the traffic report for one afternoon by picking on drivers for doing stupid things. He started off wanting to read out numberplates and publicly shame people... but ended up just slagging them off.
  5. hahaha oh man! Can you get booked for that?

    In brisbane lately I've seen a few bikes (not just scooters!) parked really badly like this, or even front in...

    I know up here it's one of the 5 questions on the Learners test FFS...
  6. Forget the scooter. Hope the van doesn't back up!
  7. Pfft it's a scooter, pick the bloody thing up and shift it LOL
  8. Exactly - spin it 90 degrees and park behind it!
  9. I've seen a lot of scooters park like that. scooter riders who don't have bke licences seem to park like that.

    I park in a car park near my work. for bikes ^ scooters it's $2.50 all day. and we can park wherever there's a gap.

    I park my bike in a section of the carpark cars can't even get to.

    last tuesday, leaving the car park, I was a scooter parked smack bang in the middle of the car space. VERY inconsiderate I thought, considering I could think of around another 50 spots in that place they could have parked & left that park for a cager.
  10. Umm not a good idea Clive cos if i saw someone doing that to mine!!! DONT TOUCH WHAT AINT YOURS.

    Can't stress that enough people

    Shoei helmet = $900
    assult charges= $400
    teaching that person DONT TOUCH WHAT AINT YOURS = Priceless :grin:
  11. I was joking, but I guess I didn't make that clear enough - fair point!
  12. Most scooter riders don't even have a bike license, therefore they believe they are still in a car and can do what they like.

    I've seen scooter riders move other bikes so that they can squeeze in. I've chastised scooter riders for touching other bikes, scraping up against other bikes, basically not giving a s$%t about other bikes. So as far as Im concerned, turn the sucker 90 deg or move it into the middle of the road, loading zone, wheelie bin, whatever. They deserve it for being inconsiderate. This also should apply to all road users not just scooters.

    Taxi drivers are high on my list. Followed by Volvo's and Subaru's.

    OOPS, my soapbox just collapsed
  13. That looks top (box) heavy. May be there is a special package in the Givi.
  14. I would still spin, they would be lucky I dont push the fuggin thing over... I swear, they should have never let people ride scooters on cager licences, at least they could have done a scooter course of some description... Go back there next week and if it is the same... PUSH IT OVER!!! hahaha or just leave a note saying park properly you twit :grin:
  15. Re: Proof ! - How Riders park in Syd ! or . . Typical Scoote

    I think you parked too close behind the van. Why blame the scooter?
  16. I too have seen LOTS of scooters parked like this in Brisbane, it's really frustrating! To take up a car spot is one thing, but to take up the WHOLE car spot is just infuriating!
  17. Re: Proof ! - How Riders park in Syd ! or . . Typical Scoote

    Entirely by your own choice. No-one forced you. Why not park behind the other scooter so you're closer to the car with a better view, or park somewhere else altogether?

    The other scooter was there first. If you want to share her spot, you do so knowing the circumstance. It's not like she knocked your bike over or blocked you in. She was there first and all she's done wrong is fail to read you mind as she rode to work that morning, in order to find out how you'd prefer she parks. :)
  18. I noticed once at southbank in brissy, 2 of us parked in a car spot on little stanley st, and within 30mins there was 5 bikes in the car spot. but just down the road a scooter had taken up a whole spot!!
  19. i park in full car spaces , thats what there ment for .. i dont care if anyone gets the crappers
  20. inconsiderate mothertruckers .... i'd be moving it!