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Pronunciation peeves

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by BitSar, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. I have a couple pronunciation peeves which are MOTO related.........when I hear them pronounced incorrectly it sh!ts me - can't say why.....

    it, just, does.

    1. Kreiga - it's"Kree-ga" not "Kry-ga"
    2. Akrapovic - "Akr-rop-o-vich" not farking "Akro-povic"
    3. Dainese - "Dain-nese-se" not "Daine-eze" or farking "Die-yan-eze-ze!"
    4. Ducati - Like it's seems "Du-catty" not "Doo-Carty" seppos!

    Then there are a few that really get me going:

    1. Kawasaki - It's "heavy" not "Kawa-sak-kee"
    2. Honda - pronounced "boring" not "Hon-da"


  2. Reminds me of when I hear the yanks say Nissan.

  3. seems like you're in quite a pickle

  4. Let me fix that for you.

    1. Kawasaki - It's "heavy" not "Kawa-sak-kee"
    2. Honda - pronounced "boring" not "Hon-da"
    3. Ducati - Commonly thought to be "Du-catty" which is close, it's actually "latte"
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  5. Jag-wah
  6. Not really pronunciation, but dumbasses who say "flairings" instead of "fairings"
  7. Kreiga does break the usual rule for German, though, which is that 'ie' has an 'ee' sound and 'ei' has an 'i' sound, as in Einstein.
  8. What's the relevance to German? Thought it was an English brand and my German is not even close to good, but I've not come across "Kreiga".

    Is it a German brand and/or word?
  9. duplicate - sorry
  10. It's pronounced nertrider.
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  11. the real pronunciation peeve i had was with anything julia gilliard ever said...
    like finger nails down a blackboard.
  12. and its spelt "netrider"
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  13. As apposed to Abbott. No it doesn't have an "ur um" in front of it.
  14. Gunna, pronounced gunna
    Wanna, pronounced wanna
    Austraya, pronounced austraya
    Good ole Aussie language
    And aks pronounced aks
    Got lots moor!
  15. Thing pronounced think.... Drives me mad.

    Not that I care that much about this nor anythink else
  16. #16 ogden, Jan 17, 2014
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2014
    Just looked it up. (Had to. My spelling's rubbish.) And Vitriple's right. It's Kriega. Not Kreiga. So it does conform to the German pronunciation rules that Bravus posted.

    My guess is that one or both of the two blokes that started the company speaks German, and the name is taken from the german verb kriegen,"to get something".

    Sie kriegen etwas You got something
    Ich kriege etwas I'm going to get something
    Ich kriegte etwas I got something

    Perhaps they dropped the "en/e/te" and put on an "a" so that they could effectively establish rights to the brandname.[/quote]
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  17. the biggest one is asshole, I don't really want to hear about some donkeys hole
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  18. Ever wondered why English is so complex?

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  19. I thought it was "NertRider"
  20. Yep. Seppos do do weird shit with the English language. They are responsible for the prevalence of people that say contro'versy rather than con'troversy. Even the ****s that read the ABC news now fuck it up, and the galling thing is that if everyone fucks it up there is no con'troversy...