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Pron? Not in Ukraine!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by es, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. http://mosnews.com/society/2009/06/30/ukrporno/

  2. Thank heavens it's only in the Ukraine. Mind you, the Rudd filter might also make adding to the collection quite hard.

    Did I just say hard?
  3. Medicinal purposes???

    Stress relief?
    Targetted muscle building?
    Specific lower arm rehab?
    Low blood pressure?
  4. Sucks to be a Ukrainian man :p

    Like DarkHorse I am curious as to the term 'medical purposes' in this context. I would be seriously worried if doctors have to turn to p o r n in order to learn anatomy :shock:
  5. I find this amusing, given all the .ru spam with women wanting sexytimes.
  6. exactly!!! when i heard about the story and googled for articles, the search terms suggested by google included "ukranian girls" and "ukrainian brides"
  7. Must be sperm banks surely :)
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    :rofl: Gold
  10. But that would be "educational purposes"...
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    I wonder if that's really the sort of image they should be presenting. Maybe they should have done a consumer survey thingy. Show a group the ad then get them to fill in the blank:

    Aprilia riders are __________________

    Perhaps they might have pulled the ad :LOL:
  12. :LOL: Another indication of how out of touch they really are. Do they mean physical images on pieces of paper that get handed around like a torn page out of a Penthouse in 5th grade??? Or do they think that if you're going to share an image electronically you need lots of copies of said image for when someone "takes" it?
  13. Regular use of the prostate or skene's gland? :p
  14. In Soviet Russia, p0rn watches you.
  15. I was in China for a year and p0rn has been outlawed there for a long time, but, China being China, pirated jap/euro DVDs are rife and you just have to go up to your trusty DVD street merchant, give him the right hand signals and he will take you someplace where he has them all stashed.

    There is something quite wrong about that Aprillia video. But, then again there is something wrong with bestiality.
  16. Ooooh. :shock:
  17. Yes, I saw that one coming.

    If I knew how to say 'sexy time movie' in Chinese, I probably would not say it.
  18. So you just took loads of photos of women while you were over there - most without their knowledge? One or two maybe, but sheesh...

    You realise that's fvckin creepy, don't you?
  19. Fine then Morbo -- if it offends you that I was in public - in public view taking pictures of people who all saw me with the camera - considering I was in their face with it , I will delete them and put up pics of all the architecture I photographed instead
  20. Lol :LOL:

    I'm not offended in the slightest...I just think it makes you look a bit sad.

    There's a difference. And the fact that you removed them tends to make me think you agree and feel a bit silly so you have blamed it on me.