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Promotional scooters - rider "uniforms"

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by lotus7, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Passed three scooters towing large promotional signs on Victoria st and noticed the riders outfits. Each was wearing an identical outfit, obviously part of the companys "image" for the advertising:

    *Open face helmet

    Surely there is some concept of OH&S in these companies? They could at least make some effort to ensure the riders are appropriately dressed for the task at hand. Im not even going to start on the scooter towing big trailer sign on a windy day bit :shock:

    Bad enough when people make the choice to dress that way for themselves, seeing it as a dress code is another thing altogether :?


  2. posties

    what about Posties? at least they have steel cap boots and a shiny vest!

    This is crazy, at the very least they should have full face helmets and boots. No way I would allow my son to take this job on, not that I could stop - damn teenagers :evil:
  3. score is 2-0 so far.
  4. i used to work for a similar company, mediav, the uniform was spray jackets and the most smashed up $100 helmets you have ever seen (you could wear your own boots, draggins, gloves etc)

    i wore my own helmet but the boss wasn't too keen on it. those scooters actually ended up crashing frequently due to the weird trailer they were carrying, a guy crashed wearing his brand new shoei $800 helmet and was happy not to be wearing the $100 lid, as you would be. (wonder if he can claim the shoei on tax, doubt it.)
  5. I did a bit for media V and got to say what a dogy lot. I got in to an argument with the guy that runs the group in Melbourne because the wind was so strong one day it blew my trailer up on to one wheel and it was pure luck I didnt crash, hence I told him I didnt want to ride any more. They never rang me back after that.

    I also had the same crash helmet issue as well. Seems like a $900 black arai wasnt good enough.

    They dont service the bikes either and sometimes you end up riding a very unroadworthy bike indeed

    All this for $90 a day ?????????
  6. I've seen similar here in perth, silver vmoto 50cc scooters pulling a sign/trailer, advertising for a pizza chain.

    White open face helmuts, jeans, t-shirts, no gloves and sneakers.

    This mediav company must be nation wide?

    I reckon we should black list the companies this crowd advertise for. We don't want to support a company that actively promotes endangering employee's or some garf like that!

    $90 per day? who would work for that kind of money? 16 yr olds?
  7. Yeah they been getting round Adelaide quite alot too lately in the same gear... I took off from the lights on Anzac highway next to one once only to look in my mirror and see him and his trailer on its side... :p :LOL:

    Dunno what happened but figured must ave been a gust of wind
  8. You see them in Brissie too, usually in squadrens of 3. Never noticed their gear, because nearly everyone up here rides sans safety.

    If your having a go at these guys though, what about the police. Usually (up here) its flip helmets in the up position, short sleeve shirts, jodphurs and boots only :?
  9. At least the police have a choice, some of the earlier posts seem to indicate that these poor saps who are justing looking for a bit of extra beer money at Uni don't. Geez I sound like a unioniser, my dad would be proud. :grin:
  10. me. my current pay works out as $60 a day.
  11. mediav pays MONTHLY, pretty damn feral if you ask me :?